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  1. Yes, they are necessary. Especially if you are going to put on any other active topical products. The active products will penetrate into the pores, but if there is a layer of oil and dirt on the skin, they won't penetrate as well. Just make sure you aren't using a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin. You don't want to "overstrip" your skin of oil. It also depends on what kind of acne you have. If you have noninflamed congestion under the skin and your skin is not sensitive, use a scrub.
  2. What I tell my clients is to avoid or eat in moderation, foods that are high in iodides - salt with iodides, salty food, seafood, seaweed (especially kelp), vitamins with iodides, milk & dairy products (cows lick iodized salt licks), turkey, beef. Also avoid foods high in androgen hormones - peanuts, peanut butter and oil, organ meats, shellfish. However, just avoiding these foods won't get your acne under control. You need a good topical treatment program used in the right way.
  3. My advice is if you are going to take a multi-vitamin, make sure it doesn't have iodine, iodides or kelp in it..... bad for acne. We give our clients who have inflamed acne zinc monomethionine as it is more readily absorbed by the body. I have them work up to 100 mg a day. We get ours from Optizinc. Cheap and effective. We also recommend using Omega 3 Fish Oil - the enteric coated ultra potency from Source Naturals. I don't agree with the post above about benzoyl peroxide. I used it for year
  4. yes, I agree - it sounds and looks like folliculitis to me. Nizoral shampoo is a good idea. Also, mandelic acid serums are also good for folliculitis.
  5. the systematic use of benzoyl peroxide will keep acne from forming in the first place. It works ok as a spot treatment, but its greatest strength is preventing the microcomedones (the precursor to cysts) from forming in the first place. Start slowly with it - wear it all over the area you break out for 15 minutes a day. Double the time every 3 days until you are wearing it overnight. Start with 2.5% (Dan Kern's), then when you are used to the up it to 5%. You have to keep up with the skin's abil
  6. According to that first link, broccoli and asparagus are no-no's lol, really?!? I didn't check out the links. I'm just open to other people's opinions. For me, I eat peanuts and I don't notice getting any break outs. What I tell people is that you can have asparagus and broccoli - just don't have them everyday. These are guidelines, not super-strict rules. I've had some of my clients get off of peanut butter and it made a huge difference in their skin.
  7. Don't eat the peanuts! Stay away from foods that are high in androgen hormones and iodides. For a list of those foods, go here and here.
  8. are you using benzoyl peroxide? Ice first, then put the benzoyl peroxide on. It can be amazing for cysts.
  9. Benzoyl Peroxide is a powerful tool for controlling acne! Glad you're on it.
  10. Hi Napa I'm so glad you had a great first experience with us. Keep all of us posted!
  11. I wanted the chance to respond to your post about your experience here at Face Reality Acne & Skin Care Clinic. I realize that you are upset about not being chosen as a pro bono client. I would like a chance to explain my side of the story. When you applied for the pro bono opportunity, this is what you said in an email to me along with your pictures “Note that in most of these photos the deep under the skin bumps are not visible but they are there and they bother me a lot.†So, not bein