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  1. And yeah i am eating lots of mus fruits everyday !! Not taking any extra capsules !! Whil exfoliating i use to rub the sponge a little hard on my face !!! My problem is with right side of my face :(!!! My forehead and left side is all cleared up !!
  2. Thank You So much for such a useful help ~! Well i don't exactly know that iam having sufficient vitamin A and C ! And i am not taking any capsules ! I HAVEN'T USED BABY BRUSH YET !!! i have been using this sponge from a week ! Well Now I Will try My best to find out this Baby Brush !!! Ahhh The Shaving Day !! I USe to Exfoliate My skin With This Sponge And The Soap which I have already Mentioned !!! then I uSe My Gillette Sensitive Skin Gel And Gillette 2 Blade Razor !! Now I need to know
  3. Today after exfoliating like this , when i went out side it was terrible ! Believe me i never had such a tight skin ever ! It was a nasty experience ! I was like crying I was feeling different kind of feeling in my skin which was very bad !! OHH MY GOD ! I NEED HELP GUYS :(!!! So when i came back home I Applied JOHNSON'S BABY LOTION on my face !! then it was good !! Buh i will never forget this bad experience !! Soon i will post my pics!!! :(:( HMm i was telling abt my right side of skin It
  4. I use a kind of material which used when i was a kid ! i like to use it with this soap (Lifebuoy Soap ) Now i have just noticed that i am using a kind of sponge on my face !! i mean first i use this soap and then i rub it with a sponge ! The main problem i am facing with it is !! my right side of face has 3 marks left ! and they were really big buh now one of them is scratched with this method !! HMM I AM NOT USING ANY KIND OF CREAMS OR I MEAN ANTI BACTERIAL AND FACE WASH. My skin Feels too Much
  5. Thank you very much for such a nice Help ! well i have been using this method from one week !~ And Now i can see a tremendous change on my face ! I am facing a bit problems with it !! buh first i like to tell You that My forehead had many marks left by bad acnes now they are all gone !! My Skin feels So smooth ! Its all cleared ! My left side of face is all cleared now !
  6. Hi to all ppl here I hope everyone is good here I wish everyone gets there Acne Clear soon With Me have a nice day everyone
  7. Today i shaved my face with a Gillette sensitive get ! Buh at first when i wake up i used Gentle Cleanser and toner on my face for just 5mins ! And i also used it yesterday just for 5mins !i think this 5min is working ! i mean i am not getting any zits or any kinda breakups ! I used Cocoa moisturizer after shaving my face ! it was very nice ! and good thing this moisturizer is an oil free and it dries up !
  8. Thank you very much for sweet help ! Yesterday i shaved my face it was very nice whil taking shower i used my Gillette sensitive skin shaving gel ! and MACH 3 as usual ! i have noticed my skin gets white spots after sometime when its dry ! and its rough ! i noticed this sometimes when i used dove soap ! i haven't used dove soap for 2 days ! i think water is good to keep my skin fresh !!! so i used cocoa butter moisturizer cream its an oil free cream ! it was really good !
  9. Today i had lots of meat in my lunch ! i washed my face in start of the day ! i drink 5 glass of water ! And now i am having a new acne chin area and one pimple on left side of my face ! I am totally stressed due to this ! And i also drink NON-Alcoholic Bear After Dinner I mean after hours ! I don't know where i went wrong ??? This might be bcz i am eating meat now a days ??!!! I need Help ??? !!!
  10. Hey Heloooo is there any one here ??? i have been asking for some one ! who could help me ??? I am going to visit Dermo on Monday ! i got plenty of ideas to discuss with him ! Thank GOD
  11. hmm any one here to help me a bit ! i really need help ! and i am waiting for someone to reply ! It will be very kind !
  12. Today a new pimple popped up on right side of my face ! now i have 3 pimples on my right side ! i don't know what to do ??? I have noticed , that my right side keep breaking up from 2 weeks ! my left side has only marks left ! ! !!! I had chicken in my lunch !!! I am thinking to drink non - alcoholic bear ! I THINK THIS WOULD BE GOOD FOR MY BODY ???
  13. I Need help very desperately ! is there any one who could help me in this case ??
  14. Today i have a big zit at the same area i mean mid between my chin and lower lip ! i don't know what to do ?? i have to shave my face today !! Do I NEED TO USE A SHAVING BRUSH ?? AND AN ORDINARY SHAVING CREAM ??? And How abt a Single Blade RAZOR ?? is it help full in this job??? I MEAN TO PULL OUT WHITEHEADS IN THIS AREA ???I feel very bad abt it ! And i have also noticed one pimple at the right side of my NOSE??? this area is oily sometimes !! I DIDN'T WASH MY FACE TWICE YESTERDAY !!! I we
  15. i have noticed that i have 8 to 10 whiteheads in the mid area of my chin and lower lip ! I use to shave this area every time ! buh i don't think my razor use to pull out these ! And most imp i am getting zits in this area ! I DON'T HAVE ANY HAIR IN THIS AREA !!! buh still i got so many whiteheads ! and i also noticed some blackheads on my left side of nose ! ! They disappear when i wash my face with dove soap !!!