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  1. Hi Waddstein, thanks for the very interesting post. You sound a lot like me, and I want to give this a try. For completeness, which Cerave wash are you using: the original or the foaming?
  2. dan52


    It looks like they switched their packaging. For my first order of the serum, it came in a bottle with an eye dropper that also acted as the lid of the bottle. I just got my second order, and now it comes in a bottle with a pump that you describe. As you can guess, when I said 4 drops, I meant with the original packaging. It comes out to about a dime sized amount of the serum, so whatever the equivalent is from the pump should be OK. So it may be a good thing that they switched the packag
  3. dan52


    I've used all four of those moisturizers before. I'm using the Complex 15 facial cream currently and I'd recommend either that or the Complex 15 lotion. Frankly I can barely tell the difference between the two formulations, but the facial cream is a bit more convenient for me because of the tube. It's a very light moisturizer but sinks in and moisturizes pretty well. I'd definitely recommend avoiding Cetaphil for now. The lotion is notorious for being a little greasy/shiny although it rea
  4. dan52


    Here's what I'm doing: Morning: Wash face with water only in the shower. Apply 4 drops of skin actives T-zone serum to palm of my hand, then apply all over my face/neck. Evening: Wash face with warm water and bar of Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar, fragrance free version. Apply 4 drops of skin actives T-zone serum to palm of my hand, then apply all over my face/neck. Apply Complex 15 moisturizer. I wasn't sure exactly how much of the serum to use since the directions don't specify exactly,
  5. dan52


    Are you referring to the same serum here? You don't mean that you use the T-Zone Serum AND pure nobiletin, right? I'm interested because I was considering the Skin Actives T-Zone Serum myself. Yes, it's the same serum. The T-Zone serum has nobelitin in it, so I referred to it as the nobiletin serum in my earlier post. I haven't tried the pure nobelitin that they offer. To answer DC's question, my forehead was very oily before -- the rest of my face was only slightly oily, but now thing
  6. dan52


    Yup, it's the T-Zone Serum. I use it all over my face despite the name. And yeah, my skin did eventually recovered from the accutane dryness, it just took a while. I went to the dermotologist and he said I had gotten eczema on my face. I was taking some black currant seed oil and moisturizing a lot and it eventually got back to normal. One thing I had found though through trial and error was that the jojoba oil I had used and loved really did end up causing my skin to dry out and worsen t
  7. dan52


    I want to thank outcast for starting this thread. I had tried sana fela's nobiletin cream a year or so ago without much luck. I think I stopped using it because I found the orange scent of it too cloying and overpowering. Anyway, after reading his post, I ordered the serum from skin actives and have been using it for about three and a half weeks ago, and my skin is doing fantastic. My oil has decreased to near normal levels and is looking really clear except for a couple small spots. Haven'
  8. Crooked, Which niacinamide topical do you use? Is it prescription, OTC, or do you make your own? How's it working for you? Thanks!
  9. kaiji and melodie Which Cetaphil cleanser do you use? The gentle cleanser or daily cleanser for normal to oily skin? I've always used the gentle cleanser but wonder if the other one may be better for me. By the way, I've been only washing my face with water and a washcloth, then applying ACV for 10 minutes, then using a little moisturizer where needed. Overall, the results have been very good except the areas under my jaw have been breaking out a bit and I'm wondering if I should reincorpor
  10. Those bumps are just from where the laser penetrated your skin. They'll go way over the next 3-4 days as you skin starts to peel. For me, the day after is the worst looking as the skin really starts to bronze/crust.
  11. Congrats Alex! Just curious how your progress was after your first and second treatments. I just had my first fraxel restore session about a week and a half ago. So far, it's too early to tell the results on the scarring but I've heard the collagen takes several weeks to build up after using the laser, so I'm trying to be patient. Overall, my skin does a look a little smoother and more even toned though. When did you first start seeing results? Also, can you describe your downtime in a lit
  12. If you look on realself.com, I remember reading one or two posts from someone who had done fraxel restore while on accutane with no ill effects, but I completely agree with you and 99.9% of the other dermatologists out there. Why risk it? Just wait 6 months and be safe.
  13. Interesting, keep us posted. I checked their website and I don't see anything about the Light Wave CS having an amber bulb. Are you looking at something different than I am? By the way, I just started treatment with a Caribbean Sunbox about 4-5 days ago after I decided to abandon my Tazorac course which was just destroying my skin. So far so good with the LEDs, I'm definitely breaking out way less, but I need to gave this way more time to decide. Still, the lowered treatment time of the lig
  14. Interesting that you are using the no-flush variety. Could you tell us what brand of niacin you are using and what the actual ingredient is on the side since Niacin seems to come in several forms? By the way, has the niacin affected the oiliness of your skin at all?
  15. Well, I can't offer any particular advice right now, but I'm in the same boat as you. I'm just about 8 weeks into a course of Tazorac, and right now my skin is incredibly broken out. I started to really break out around week 3-4 and then it's gotten to the point where some days I may get 8-10 pustules. Looking in the mirror, I really want to quit but I don't want to go back on accutane or benzoyl peroxide so I don't really know what other options I have. Reading the stickied post in this fo