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  1. i dont know what kind of work id like to do....the only thing ive done is hairdressing the past 18 years, so im kinda looking and seeing whats out there...its scary to even think of moving on after that long.. im thinking of going for a facial...but im so scared that whatever they use will aggravate my face and cause me to break out....i could use it though..lots of those hard whiteheads that are a pain in the ass what are your plans for the summer? id so love the summer off..if only...lol are y
  2. hey Nick.. it has been a while eh skin is doing good, i hope we are one of the lucky ones that our acne never comes back hard to believe its been almost a year, since all this started with the treatment...wow life is good, looking for a change maybe with work, but other than all is good take care nick p.s. hows school or are you done now? tammy
  3. hi Nick..i agree about the sun....i live for it... ive been doing pretty good, a few spots around my hairline and scalp...but i can deal with that as long as its not on my face im ok with it you still in school, or are you done now? talk soon nick take care
  4. hey Nick... yeah i noticed that mostly around my nose gets oily like before, but not as much....other than that, its great.. i cant believe how fast time has gone since stopping accutane....its a good thing!! haha i sound like martha stewart.. glad your happy...talk soon tammy
  5. hey nick...i havent had flushing in a while now.....glad to hear you have no other breakouts... so i guess this drug still works for a while even when its done... it truly is a miracle drug... take care tammy
  6. hey there stranger...im real happy with the results...yay!!! im still getting those hard whiteheads though...maybe a facial will help working out quite a bit are you nick? i wish i was that motivated..haha hope your doing well and good to hear from ya tammy
  7. hey there...just wanted to let you know that i had a lot of redness probly the last 2 months on accutane....i did a 6 month course...it looked like my face and chest was burnt, but it goes away...people would ask me if i was having a hot flash...haha i too did suffer big time with joint pain..and i mean everywhere...specially my back and hips, but after i stopped the treatment it all went away fairly fast and i dont have any lasting effects.... just take it day by day and you'll be through befo
  8. hey..i read somewhere that you have to wait 3 months to give blood. so i dont know which is right... ive had a couple spots pop up myself..only small though so its no problem...i still have a bunch of whiteheads on my face that i had in the beginning that never seemed to go away..maybe i'll look into a facial or something... keep in touch nick talk soon
  9. id like to get one on the back of my neck..i already have five...small ones that is....not sure of the time frame after the accutane...i know you cant give blood for a year... i wonder what the reason is for waiting....just more sensitive maybe? what do you think?
  10. nothing new to report as well Nick...i think the medication has done its thing.... aside from the bit of oiliness thats come back, all is well.... do you know how long we would have to wait to get a tattoo after stopping? talk soon tammy
  11. good point. my life is getting so very sad. no alcohol & getting excited about vaseline :D hey pumpkin....there are a lot of ups and down with this treatment...but its so worth it in the end... i must have used lip balm every 5 minutes to keep my lips from drying out....its still a drag though...be positive and it'll be over before you know it good luck.. tammy
  12. hey there Nick....did you have the little dry bumps while your were on accutane? strange you're getting them no...moisturize!! my face is oily again, especially around my nose, but no breakouts at all!!YAY!!!!! i find that my skin isnt all that even textured i guess....it kinda looks blotchy, but with makeup you cant notice...i am so happy that i did this course of accutane....if needed id do it again!! im so happy your happy with your results Nick...i think we all deserve some happiness eh!! i
  13. i cant believe its been almost 2 months off this stuff...going great so far....knock on wood!! my skin is doin ok too.....ive started tanning again, so im happy with that....and ive been using cleanser with a tad bit of salisylic acid in it, and it dont seem to be irratating my face....i'll just see how that goes... glad uni is going good for you....you should get yourself on facebook nick.....haha talk soon and take care tammy
  14. hey Nick...my face has gotten oily again fast again too...i too have a few spots that come up....they go fast...at least theres no cysts under my skin, that im happy about i dont think i'll ever be 100% clear either..like you said, some people clear right up...im almost 37 and i dont think ive ever would of grown out of it....but life is so much better right now...thank god for accutane...dont you agree? hope all is well with you, and school is going great for you.. talk soon and be positive tam
  15. hey Nick...my face is getting oilier again too, i really hope it doesnt get too bad....that scares me after only a month off other than that, all the dryness is gone eczema is cleared pretty good..im a happy camper...i even notice a bit of oil coming back on my scalp... ive had a few spots...but gone real fast too lets hope this is the end and it dont come back again... take care tammy