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  1. 10 months since i stopped isotretinoin. wow. i havent updated this for a while. that's just the thing, when things r going well and u have no acne, its really easy to forget the blog where u come to whinge. i stopped my 6 month course of isotretinoin on Jan 1st 2008. My acne had disappeared !! :-D the treatment was so successful. really pleased with it. side effects i had in jan 08 were sore dry lips and skin, and occasional bleeding from my back passage - derm said this was normal and it shoul
  2. I'm just starting month 5 of my tablets. I still have 3 active spots and so the derm said i could continue my treatment as long as i still had actives. I am very pleased with the results. my skin is dry and mostly clear. the few spots i do have , come and go quickly. they dry up quickly. i am quite scared about ending this treatment, because it has worked so well, i don't want my spots to come back like before.
  3. Because of the not drinking alcohol, and my subsequent healthy eating and not eating so much, and doing aerobics every night. I have gone from 71kg (11stone 3lbs) to 64kg (10stone 2lbs). I am on 70mg Isotretinoin a day, i think this may have to be reduced to 65mg a day because of my weight loss. I will phone my Derm today to double check. My derm said i should stay taking 70mg a day and then i will reach my final cumulative dose quicker.
  4. 3 months and 1 week I have 3 actives on my face today. but they are small and quite dry really. There is definate improvement as the weeks go on. I have lots of red marks still, which will take a while to fade. My main suffering is my dry lips. I also get dry gungey eyes. My derm said if i have no actives at the end of my 4th month, then i can stop. But i want to continue to take tablets until my cumulative dose reaches between 125-150mg per kg. Which means i will take them until mid to late
  5. Day 69 or 2 and a half months Some days i wake up with greatly improved skin/no actives and i feel happy. Then the next day i wake up with 5 actives, yellow and weeping. I have been experiencing quite dry eyes, and they are gungey most mornings and very bloodshot everyday. I have not experienced the dry insides of the nose thing. I have got dry patches all over my body - especially in places where clothes rub against me - eg, where my bra touches my skin under my bust, where my pants touc
  6. Day 45 I don't want to tempt fate, but i think i am seeing an improvement. I still have red marks on my face after each spot has healed, but i have significantly less active spots than i did have. I have about 8 actives plus blackheads, compared with about 40 actives plus blackheads that i had at the beginning. So thats good. I still only have symptoms of dry lips, dry eyes/bloodshot slightly, and occasional dry skin patches on my hands/arms.
  7. The general public definately notices acne. But prob not as much as we acne sufferers do - we are attuned to it. People are horrid, and will always say stuff in jest like 'god, look at that fat girl' . being overweight is a negative personal trait just like acne. so i'm certain people say 'god, look at that girl with lots of spots'. People will always notice good skin, i have heard many times 'she had flawless skin' etc, so people must notice bad skin as easily. This is demonstrated by the tv /
  8. i'd like to know this too. I was told that Isotretinoin (accutane) is so harsh to ur skin - dries it out and thins it, and makes it ultra sensitive, that you shouldnt use any other acne treatment on it whilst ur on Isotretinoin. But, i have a lot of red marks being left from the active acne, and i'd love to start treating them now with something. so i dont waste any time. Any suggestions? I guess alot of the red mark treatments involve shedding lots of layers of skin, like BPeroxide, to show th
  9. http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/cirrhosis/ In cirrhosis of the liver, scar tissue replaces normal, healthy tissue, blocking the flow of blood through the organ and preventing it from working as it should. Cirrhosis has many causes.Alcoholic liver disease.Chronic hepatitis C.Chronic hepatitis B and D.Autoimmune hepatitis.Inherited diseases.Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).Blocked bile ducts.Drugs, toxins, and infections. Symptoms Many people with cirrhosis have no symptoms in th
  10. read thru the 'red marks after acne' forum http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Red-marks...r-acne-f34.html
  11. yes i agree, confidence is the key to attractiveness. Most less-than-perfect physical appearances can be overlooked by an air of confidence. And confidence sits very close to aggrogance.
  12. I find it very hard to maintain eye contact when i have a bad acne outbreak on my face. When i have clear skin, i do look people in the eyes , as i think it confirms honestness in what your saying, politeness and friendliness. But with an outbreak, i look at someones eyes and see their eyes flick towards my chin or my forehead - they prob dont even consciously do it - but it puts me off, and i look away ashamedly - at the floor or my PC or make an excuse and end the conversation. Its horrid.
  13. supplements will have the correct dosing requiremnts on the pack. Yes you can take them together. Some supplements are water soluble and some are fat soluble, so take them with food and drink - unless it states 'take on an empty stomach' on the pack.
  14. I hope Isotretinoin doesnt get banned bacause of all this bad press. It is a wonder drug - yes , very dangerous - but very effective in most cases. It would be such a shame if this treatment is ruined for future generations. i may need a 3rd treatment yet - so i need it to stick around.