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  1. Thanks! What brand of Aloe Vera Gel do you use? Aloe pura
  2. Hey, so since it seems we have the same problem, ill tell you what im doing now, and i am much much better, soon ill be clear. 1: Most important thing: diet. I cut out dairy, fatty stuff, junk food, nuts, chocolate, oily stuff, and i eat a lot of veggies and fruits and almonds and drink a lot of water and tea 2: I use 99% aloe vera gel (best thing i have tried since getting acne) multiple times during the day (specially at night!) and i apply the liquidy tea tree oil on the whiteheads and is
  3. Thanks a lot. I switched to aloe vera gel 99% and tea tree oil and my acne is better, but i still have the persistent redness. I'll try out what you said.
  4. Hi im 16 and recently I've been getting really bad acne. It's mostly redness and hyperpigmentation with the occasional whiteheads. I got on Epiduo and took it for 2 months but didn't notice any effect, it was staining my clothes and my bedsheets, and was really annoying and depressing to use. I researched online and saw that Tea Tree Oil was good for my type of acne. I've used it for a couple days now, and the redness seems to be slightly better although I have more whiteheads. im also taking