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  1. Hey guys...i've realized that my acne would arise everything my face been covered with something..for e.g blanket or sleep on one side of the pillow or head bands etc....has anyone encountered this? and if so how did u all avoid this problem? i've tried BP and plenty more products even oral medication ..tho the oral medication did help abit but now ive stopped it the acnes' started to form again...pls help!!! guys!! gals!!
  2. Has anyone from South East Asia tried this product before? If yes could you please tell me does it work on our asian skin or not? because over here we haf summer 365days so im afraid the product mite not suit me! Your reply is appreciated guys thx!
  3. I've been taking ERYTHROMYCIN E.E.S 400MG for about 10days and throughout that week i felt difficulty in breathing and have this feeling of wanting to vomit and somewhere around my neck region has got abit of swelling however ive stopped for 3 days now and alll that has gotten better except for the swell. I went to two derma one asked me to stopped for the mean time and another one prescribe me withh doxycycline 100mg and asked me to take it so guys who do u think i should follow? All my zits st
  4. Guys, I'm thinking this for quite some time alredy. So if you apply BP and after few mins moisturizer, wont the effect of BP go away as BP causes the acne to harden and moisturizer just soften it? and isit safe to apply both BP and moisturizer on a zit =/! thanks in advance guys!
  5. Hey guys would u all squeeze the pus from the zit out if it has already popped on its own or would u just leave it? someone told me i have ta squeeze everything out so the bacteria wouldnt stay there! help me pls! thanks in advanace!!
  6. thanks guys.. i cvalled up the dem n he didnt want to tell me what the lotion n cream was -__-" think im going for another derm next week! erm i dont take steroids but i eat alot of egg whites thats it ><.
  7. does doing weights causes acne? as it stimulates growth hormones?
  8. Ive been to the derm..i dono what he gave me. its green in colour and comes with a blue color "lotion". ive been using his product for at least one year but i see there's no improvemnt so now i changed product. i tried using benzyol peroxide before but it turns out bad -_-" my whole face was covered by acne back then after using benzyol peroxide! =[ any other products u guys might recommend me to use?
  9. I used to exercise like everyday, weightlift , outdoor basketball alot but i just stopped 2 weeks ago as they told me the sweat will clog the pores. I tried cutting off oily food like for a week already but the results are still the same. I take lots of greens everyday. I take vit c 250mg tablet, and 2 weeks ago i used to take this tablet prescribe by a pharmacist which are made up of neem leaves but it has gotten worst thus ive stop taking them and I'll drink at least 3.0L of water everyday.
  10. Hey guys, could you tell me whats wrong wif my face pls! those spots on my face have been reappearing everyrtime after it has recovered and also it would owes grow on the same spot or spread! I hate this! Could you guys please advise me wad to do! Im using salicylic acid atm! thanks guys! =[