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  1. I drink a lot of water anyway, it'll be easy for me.
  2. I drink smoothies that are look like this 12 oz almond milk 2 tablespoons young barley grass 1 serving olive oil brown rice protein half cup of rasberries half cup of strawberries I can add some more greens to it. Never thought of it though. Never even knew about the green smoothies things.
  3. I drink almond milk too, and very rarely hemp milk. It's even more expensive.
  4. This is totally true, our brain's have special receptors specially designed for that feeling. It's wierd to think your brain has a receptor for THC but it does! As for the statement of Obesity, I agree to that as well. It's all this processed greasy fast food that so many people rely on. I think the movie "Super size me" should be made a mandatory movie for schools.
  5. It's not. A lot of places say it is, but there are disputes, being as from the short reading I did, the U.S. bad mouthed coconut oil in the past, making it seem horrible. I can test it out, and my acne has gotten a lot better.
  6. I will try to get pictures up. Basically you put it on your face for 45 minutes everyday, then wash it off with a gentle cleanser. http://www.coconut-connections.com/skin_care.htm I got the reccomendation from a holistic doctor, and it works.b
  7. Nuts have a lot of protein, be sure to have an after workout protein shake with the whey protein mix and add some olive oil, I also add wheatgrass. Height 5'10 weight 140 Bench Max 165 Bicep Max 90 Military Press 140 I don't eat that much red meat, I try to stay away from it so I can shit, but I eat ribs every once in a while. I weighed 135 last year and lost a lot of weight over summer since I had to quit swimming. I've gained about 20 pounds this year.
  8. almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds prunes apple bannana i'm about to eat some spicy chicken.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. It comes from the nuts in the bars. And you can get them at places like Trader Joes or some 7/11's one bar has about 12g of sugar, some have more depending if they have other druit as well. I don't like the low sugar idea of yours, for overall health, I'd rather have sugar. Fructose is an important blood sugar, sucrose is unneeded, cane sugar(sucrose) and has a low GI(glycemic index). Not all plants have the same type of sugar. Edit: The things in your sig only happen in high amounts. Lo
  10. Theres no sugar added, it all comes from the dates, they have every omega fatty acid in them (some of them), and they've got protein and a lot of vitamins. I like them and eat them a lot, as well as fish oil. But for people who have trouble taking all those pills throughout the day, they can be a replacement.
  11. \ Actually this stuff doesn't have any added sugar I think, just like Naked juice.
  12. Brown Rice Flour has a lot of protein in it.
  13. If you wear tight shirts you should get loser ones.