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  1. eat11

    Vacation tomorrow

    So I'm not as clear as I wanted to be but my skin looks pretty decent. Unfortunately the Dove energy glow didn't work well probably because the BP re bleached my skin everytime I put it on. I have tiny tiny pimples on my chin, and one semi big one but not red one near my mouth. Asides from that all is well!
  2. I'm relatively clear with only a few little white heads but nothing major. I've been using Dove energy glow for my face to get a nice base and loreal sublime everywhere else. Lets hope everything stays well for my trip!!!
  3. My scars are clearing up nicely, with only 3 really stubourn ones. I only have 1 pimple on the bridge of my nose but its not even noticeable. I have 14 days until my vacation, lets hope things keep getting better!
  4. I'm going to Mexico and I'm looking for a good sunscreen that's water proof and wont irritate my face.
  5. Holy! That's an awesome improvement. Hope all is still going well for you
  6. I'm going to the Maya Riviera, Mexico in a few months and was curious if I should still do all the steps of my regimen while I'm there? My skin is doing very well right now, and I don't want to ruin it by stopping but I also don't know if I'll have the time to do all the things I do normally. I was thinking just using my facial cleanser, toner, and a sunscreen. Do you think my skin will act up??
  7. I just picked up infallible a couple days ago, and I absolutely love it. It's the best foundation I have tried by far. It's thick but it doesn't feel cakey, it lasts all day (for me anyways) and it gives amazing coverage. I have mainly red spots and a couple pimples and it manages to cover them really well.
  8. I currently use Maybelline mineral power powder foundation, and the mineral power concelar. I've been using it for a little over a year, it gives decent coverage but it wears out far to easily and makes my pores look huge. Face primers break me out, so that's out of the question. Can someone tell me of a foundation and concelar that has good coverage and won't break me out? Thanks
  9. I had to get my makeup done for my sisters wedding a while back, so of course I couldn't wear cover up there which was really hard for me to do, I NEVER go out in public without covering up my acne. Anyways, at this point I had no active acne, just lots of red marks. My two 8 year old nieces and my 7 year old cousin came with us to get their hair done, they're used to seeing me all done up with my makeup so when they saw what my skin REALLY looked like they went on on and about it. In front of e
  10. I had a very small (but painful) pimple on my upper lip, I popped it because it had a whitehead. The pimple itself went away, but left a huge red mark that is incredibly dry, it resembles a cold sore but it's not. I've exfoliated, and moisturized it but it still wont go away. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?
  11. I've been using this and the councilor for almost a year and have never had a problem with it?
  12. I bought one of these a couple months ago, I was amazed at all the gunk it gets out. Just try not to use it unless it's completely necessary. I over used it multiple times and defiantly paid for it with red marks all over. Other then that it works really well at getting all the gunk out, just don't over use it.
  13. I think it depends on the size of the pimple. I have extracted pimples like the one you have and sometimes it goes away, and other times it gets bigger and leaves a red mark. It's really tempting, but just try and leave it alone for a little while.
  14. Holy! I wish I could cover mine that well, your skin looks perfect! Not to mention you can't tell your wearing that much cover up at all