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  1. I already tried to this step. I felt my cheeks going to dry (normally I have oily skin in T zone specially) and attracted. How many time should i do this step in a week?
  2. What natural treatments are u using now? Did they work to clean acnes and dark scars?
  3. Hi can u recommend which skin care product well to acnes skin? Like toner moisturizer and etc. Maybe it will helpful to treat my acnes and maybe my scars. Thank you
  4. I used 2 products of benzolac 2.5 already. It just work for my new acnes and didn't do nothing to my old acnes. Now my acnes like a hole of wound. I using green tea toner, honey to stop my acne when it bleeding, aloe vera I using every morning after I ply toner, skinfood black sugar mask to my weekly mask, powder with salicylic acid, and I still using benzolac 2.5. I more often used natural product than medication or go to doctor because i always being afraid. What product AHA+BHA you use for da
  5. My acne left so many black scars in my two cheeks and there was still left a few acnes. I was so frustrated. People bullied me. I need your help guys. I already tried benzolac 2.5 and I think it didn't work on my acne. Should I try benzolac 5? Had you ever try natural acne treatment? How to clean this scars?
  6. Hello I had an acne problem when I was in elementary school till now I am in college. Few months ago my cheeks had so many acnes. I think it would be okay and it will be gone like my usually acne. But no and my acnes left so many black scars. I was so frustrated. People always treat me like I destroyed my face self or they bullied me. I already had so many acne treatments. From natural until medication. 1 month ago I tried benzolac 2.5 and I think it didn't work on my acne. Should I try benzolac