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  1. Hi fellow pimple suffers cry.gif

    "Touch wood" the treatment Im currently using has worked! I just have to get rid of these flamin scars.

    So, please let me know of any methods anyone has for getting rid of acne scars without go to a dr or derm .. I live in Australia so please let me know of any over the counter products i can use .. i hear vitamin e is good?? or is that a stupid myth?

    I'm interersted all forms .. lotions, creams, gels, moisterizer or tablets or vitamins, blah blah!

    Hope to hear from you soon wink.gif

  2. Hey gorgeous,

    Western Australian hey? I'm from Victoria smile.gif


    I ordered two tubes in the mail through a MONEY ORDER at the Australian Post... my mum did it for me.. it cost me 60 bucks Aussie currency (that's what she told me anyways)

    I ended up getting three tubes though cos my order got screwed over in the States and they were lovely people and gave me one more for free  smile.gif

    Hey Freaky Chick!

    Thanks For getting back to me.

    I can't see why it cost you $60 for 2 tubes of BP Gel as I was quoted US$15 when u exchange this into AUD it comes to about $20.10. And the fee for a money order is only a few dollars (I think) ... ??? Hmm!?!?!

    Who knows, I'll email them again asked them ...

    Anyways hows the gel working for you? Clear skin or what?

  3. Hi Everyone! (Mainly People from Australia)

    How much did 1 tube of BP Gel cost you (inclusing post) in Aus dollars?

    I've emailed the support team for details and I was told US$15, I'm not sure if I need to convert this into AUD$$ or just send $15.


  4. I've just read all about "The Regimen" and have decided to give it ago.

    I'm presently taking vitamins and was just wondering would this have any negative effect while on the regimen. I'm referring to vitamins like Bio Zinc and Beta Carotene.

    Please let me know what you take orally eg vitamins, contraceptive pill etc and how (if any) they affect the sucess of the regime for you.

    I'd love to hear from you all

  5. Hi Everyone. Im so sick of my pimples .. as they are very embarissing (as everyone with acne will know) and I was spending so much $$ on creams and cleansers etc. each month it was getting beyond a joke.

    I ended up going to doctor who put me on DORYX 100mg.

    Has anyone been on this? Does it work? If so how long did it take you to notice any changes? Did you use any other products at the time?

    Any bit of info would be great as I am anxios to have clear skin 8-[ Thanks all .. hear from u soon hopefully.