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  1. The school doesn't entertain the parents who complain about my acne. The kids never complain. The kids love me. The restaurant one is appearantly I may cause people to lose their appetite. That's what they said to me.
  2. Severe cystic acne is not a reason to hate myself. I'm living my life. I initially had problems getting a job because of my acne. As a preschool teacher some parents have had problems with me around their children because of my acne. Nonsense. I have been asked to leave restaurants because of my acne. That reminds me of racism. What I do threw is acne discrimination. Acneism. Those people are acneist. My acne covered face doesn't make me less of a person. I'm beautiful to my love ones. My confid
  3. I've been taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Also therapy. My mental health have dramatically improved but my appearance still affects me. I'm still super shy. I think I'm fairly "normal" mentally now. I've gotten closer to my husband physically. I'm performing better as a mother. I stopped wearing makeup as I have too much acne to cover up anyway. My obsession with zit popping is not as bad as before. I'm happy half of the time.
  4. I'm 308 pounds. I'm at my heaviest and my acne is at it's worst. Any linkage ?
  5. Today is my birthday and wedding anniversary. So many ripe pus filled zits on my face. I don't want my whole family to be looking at me with pus but we all know squeezing makes everything worse long term. What do I do ?
  6. Maybe she means it when she says you're handsome. For a long time I had brushed off my husband's compliments. Your face looks handsome to me. Your acne gives you a rugged look. I've seen male and female pro athletes with acne like that. Well maybe they're using steroids for performance enhancer. I'm so sorry about your health issues and acne and mental suffering. My acne is natural. Your "friends" weren't real friends to begin with. When my guy met me in high school he lost "friends" because the
  7. I made this post to give me a place to vent other than my husband, psychologist, psychologist, and dermatologist. I'm having a bad day. I got sick yesterday. My little girl got sick today so I had to rush her to the hospital just to be careful. I didn't care how I looked when I got there I was worried about my little girl. After my doctor calmed me down and told me it's just a cold then it hit me I'm not wearing makeup and I am in my PJs. I couldn't look anyone in the eye after that. When I
  8. Mine is just like that except I have much more zits. I feel so ugly but I saw your face and you are beautiful. Your hair is magnificent. I love your eyelashes. I think my compliments may not make a difference. I'm just some random girl on the internet. My heart goes out to you. I know the pain. I hope you don't end up like me. The times I've been out of the house in like a year are for doctor visits and giving birth. I don't work. I put on makeup as soon as I wake up and takes it off after my hu
  9. My husband was sweet to make a post about me here. I was the suicidal pregnant wife. I'm a new mother now. Someone had told him to suggest I join so I am here. I don't want my daughter to touch any skin I have acne on. I know it's not rational. My acne started at 12. These disgusting pus volcanoes showed up on my face. It was hell growing up. I know that so many people have worse lives and knowing that doesn't make me feel better and I can't know why people think that would make me feel better.