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  1. Shall I phone my dermatologist? Or books GP appointment?
  2. Hello. I'm 16 year old female and I am on 20mg of isotretinoin btw. This is my second post on this website and my current situation is that I have recently started Roaccutane (I'm From UK) and I've on my second week. A few days ago i was trying to get to sleep but couldn't cause I had a wierd and tingly feeling in my arm and if I don't move it, it drives me insane. Sometimes he feeling went onto leg also I've managed to get to sleep twice but yesterday I went to bed and I couldn't sleep and whe
  3. Hello guys, this is my first time using this app so forgive me if I posted it in the wrong forums etc. This is is an overview of my life; i started to breakout when I was 11 years old, then when I was 13 and fourteen it started to get worse. I'm 16 and I have severe cystic Acne. I have tried all GP products and over the counter, natural remedies..... which only work for a short period of time be my skin goes back to its original state. I as referred to a dermatologist around a few month