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  1. hey, i know how u feel, its frustrating going through all those products. I use neutrogena cleanser/mask with 3.5 bp, alpha hydrox 12% glycolic acid soufflé and garnier spf 15 face lotion in the morning and at night i do the same except i replace the lotion with a benzamicin packet and some 2.5bp. this has been helping the overall feel of my face and my therory is that clear skin come from happy skin. hope this has helped some, i know how anoying it can be when theres like 50 responses to usele
  2. soufflé is the kind i got and i noticed a reduction in redness and my zits are startin to go down in size. i still have this stuborn one on my upper cheek( where they always come and go its real anoying) so hopfully this will take care of it. thanks for you imput!
  3. i just bought some alpha hydrox glycolic acid lotion 12% has anyone had any results with this for acne/post acne red marks?
  4. i just bought the alpha hydrox nurishing cleanser with micro beads and its awsome. the beads disolve as you wash so they dont tear up your skin. i recomend this to anyone who wants to shed those red marks and redunce inflamed acne. Also the wash is ph balanced so it wont overdry and makes your skin feel great. alls i have to say is try it, im soooo glad i did.
  5. i bought nutragena advanced solutions facial peel and neutrangea clear pore with benzole peroxcide. is it effective to use the salicylic acid peel to clear and open pores and then use the benzol peroxcide wash shortly after to kill the bacteria. In therory it sounds like a good plan but i didnt know if anyone on here had any opinions or trials with the matter. ~cheers
  6. iv been using an oatmeal mask with a couple tablespoons of honey and its been working breat to sooth my skin. My skin is so soft after using and the redness of any dying pimples is greatly reduced. aaaaaannnnnyyywwwwaaaayyyy just wanted to share this with anyone wanting to try new things to sooth there skin that wont make them break out : ).
  7. i want to give a honey mask a try but im concerned about putting somthing that goopy and sticky on my skin, has it worked for anyone one here? i heard it can reduce the size of zits, along with fading blemishes which i am in rich supply of. thanks : )
  8. yea get fruit of the earth aloe vera gel, its the best. It acts just like a hair gel bit you dont get the breakouts.
  9. zia acne mask treatment is awsome for drawing toxins out of the zitt and making less red and helping heal faster. Like i said its a mask treatment but it works better as a overnight spot treatment becuase it contains things like tea tree oil and sulpher.
  10. i heard that using a sa wash before using a bp wash is effective because the sa removes dead skin cells and exfoliates and the medicated bp wash works to skill bacteria. has anyone had good results/ tryed this methodd?
  11. I wanted to try dans method of SA lotion in the morning and bp at night. So i bought Neutrogena rapid clear lotion with 2% SA. After looking around i found that other lotions had 0.5% SA. Does anyone know what strength dan uses?
  12. In dans blog he said he got good results from the SA in the morning and the bp at night so i went out and bought neutragenas rapid clear face lotion. Dose anyone eles use the SA in the morning and what brand do u use?
  13. today my derm gave me load of free differin samples but i forgot to ask instructions on how much to use, any idea?. i know she said to use it at night. I also got some benzamycin packets which im soposed to use everyother day along with minocycline twice aday. I figure with all these acne fighting products im going to stick to the gental DK cleanser and use his bp during the day to fight off any new breakouts.
  14. iv decided to take a break from topical acne products since even though i use them i still get painfull zits. Even when i apply the bp at night i always wake up to a new beatred painfull zit adding to hte ones that wont go away. maby im just irritaing my face even though im using the 2.5% bp. Tomaro i see the derm and im going to get some minocycline to get rid of these zits that have formed. As for face washes im only going to use neutrogena clear pore cleanser ( the bp face wash thats a mask a