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  1. If you're good enough for the job then you'll be fine. Your clients and co-workers will firstly be looking for someone who pulls their weight and does a good job. If you do that you'll be fine. At 21 it's completely normal to have acne it will definitely be easier than if you were 31.
  2. Make sure that's true. I've lost count of the times, especially at your age, that people say this when it isn't true. Trying to be a friend when you want more is not good for either of you and if you have feelings for her it's far better to say "I want to be more than friends but if you don't then I need some time to get my shit together." Even at 23 I see people pretending they want to be friends with someone they have feelings for at it breaks my heart knowing they're gonna end up disappoin
  3. You need a better keeper and an experienced centre back to win the title. No excuses.

  4. I recently had to go through dreaded interview processes and my skin decided to break out for the first time in 2 years. I got really good feedback and now have a job. If clear skin isn't a quality needed for doing a job good employers will look past it because they simply don't care.
  5. I think you're unlucky in that this seems to be a girl who is so out of step with what is "normal" for your age group. At that age, me and my friends were chatting for hours to our girlfriends/boyfriends but then again computers make it so much easier these days. Whilst it would be great to say that she obviously is really into you it doesn't really look like it, the only saving grace is that she appears cripplingly shy and she did cuddle you. Try see her before March if you can but the best
  6. I went going through a similar situation with an ex-girlfriend. I remember feeling amazing after getting it all out. It's incredible how much acne can damage your self esteem and I don't think I've ever really had any serious low points after she was so accepting and supporting of me and my acne. I hope everything works out and you don't let your insecurities ruin a good thing.
  7. I remember when I started dating when I still didn't have any confidence in my appearance. It seems stupid now because she was obviously interested in me and I did everything I could to fuck it up. It worked out in the end though, just be yourself and she'll like you. ps amazing transformation since you started accutane, you seriously have nothing to worry about appearance wise.
  8. lol, so true I remember about a year ago I just wanted to be able to run my hand across my forehead without feeling spots. Now, when I feel one I get all agitated and pissed off that I'm still dealing with all this shit. That's life though!
  9. if you are on accutane then maybe your skin looks dry. i know mine did when I was on accutane and so she was maybe giving friendly advice cos your skin looked dry?!?! Anyway, if you're on accutane suck it up for a few months and you'll be fine.
  10. Looks and being attracted to someone are clearly one of the most important aspects of a relationship. He obviously didn't find her attractive - maybe because she wears lots of makeup. One thing I can't stand is girls being caked in make up or even being able to see makeup. It's fine if it's to cover up acne or something else that would obviously impact their confidence. My ex used to do a fair amount before nights out an d it drove me mad. She was trying to look good and in others she proba
  11. My last girlfriend was way out of my league, and she left a great looking guy with better skin better body cleverer to be with me. There were times when really good looking guys would hit on her whilst we were out but she'd just walk away and come chat to me. I was in the exact same situation that it sounds like you're in. Whilst it sounds cliched, it only takes one person and your confidence will be back up. Even though we've broken up just knowing I can get a girl has done wonders for
  12. There are numerous problems with making an AIDs vaccine not related to the projected profitability but it is a well known fact that pharmaceutical companies don't spend as much money trying to find cures for third world diseases. That said new legislation allows for companies to fast track drugs to market, with potentially huge returns, if they create drugs/vaccines to prevent malaria, dengue and other third world problems. So at least the issue is being tackled.
  13. I've spent 6 months working for Pharmaceuticals already and will join as a graduate in July so I like to think I know a little about what I'm talking about. Obviously I have no idea exactly how an acne cure would effect the market. However, it would be a money spinner for the company that bought it out so I was pointing out the problem in people's reasoning that drug companies don't want cure acne. Secondly, the animal testing was a point about the difficulty to get a strong drug to market.
  14. ask you derm? or are you planning on doing this yourself? This personal account seems to say it's fine. I think cortisone is naturally occuring so you should be ok but it's always best to check as the levels could be relatively high and cause some side effects. However, I'd say you'll be fine. Hope this helped. http://www.steadyhealth.com/Is_a_Cortisone...cy__t71880.html
  15. This is such a ridiculous post. Do you actually know anything about Pharmaceuticals? Firstly, an acne cure better than others available on the market would be a huge money spinner for the company involved. As you said acne is a billion dollar industry, if they created a gel that could cure acne as well as accutane then they could charge a high price and everyone afflicted by acne would buy it. However, there are problems, off the top of my head I imagine it would be difficult to develop se