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  1. this cream is the reason my acne worsen. tiny lttle bumps started appearing within a week while using the cream. it happend to someone else i kno too. so i dont know. do your research first.
  2. just gotta say that we're all different..therefore, just bcuz accutane messed up with u psychologically, it doesnt mean it will do the same to others. good luck. i really hope u get better and please get some help.
  3. hey. just wait n u may jus see results . i had a similar case to you. i had severe cystic acne n broke up to month 6...things change after that. jus have faith, and be patient, n do NOT touch ur face.
  4. 1. get rid off my scars. 2. get a lipo 3. do somethn bout my legs..i think they're too thin for my body althou everybody said its fine 4. whiten my teeth ' 5. make my butt bigger 6. make my big toe smller 7. fix this wrinkly thng on my neck 8. get rid of this one streth mark on my right hip.
  6. hey, im sorry to hear that about ur son. i had severe cystic acne and i was so depressed bcuz i continued breakin out in cysts on my 5th month of tane, i didnt think i was going to clear up. i kept gettin acne facial and injections up until month 6. my face cleared up MAGICALLY, YES MAGICALLY on month 6. i dont know how it happened bcuz a wk b4 my face was bad but it cleared up. i continued taking accutane for another 4 months. i've been off accutane for about 3 months n have been acne free. som
  7. heyyy. long time!!!! well first of all, i want to say hello and i hope ur accutane journey was great. i've been off accutane for like 3 months already n everything is back to normal. but for some reason, my bottom lip gets chapped sometimes...but not as bad as before. and well the oil in face is back but its no so oily like before. i get a zit once in a blue which disappears in a day or two. hopefully things get better or remain the same. how are things with you??? did tane really work? i hope
  8. hey sweety. i understand ur pain. been there. it was the hardest thing i ever had to go thru but it was all worth. my acne WAS pretty severe..u can check my pics on my gallery but i have worse pics, feel free to pm if u want to see any pics. i didnt clear up till month 5 wk2. it was tough, but it was all worth..i didnt think i was every goin to clear up but i did...im still on tane about to hit month 8... hope u get better soon!!! AND YOU WILL!!! =)
  9. fio

    hey how is tane treatin you???

  10. i got depressed over acne itself, not accutane. i wanted to clear up so fast and that fact i was not made me fall under depression but i tried very hard not to affect me as much. i guess it just depends on the person and/or if u've suffered from some kind of disorder before accutane.
  11. thanks guys. as u can see my face is stll red but i have no acne anymore....so im still in the process of recovering i guess. the redmarks are easy to cover with makeup so im fine wih that. i have some shallow scars on my jawline but its doesnt look that bad. wut i have noticed though is that my scars are get more noticeable as the redmarks disappear. i just hope they go away. it was a very painful process as u can see...n i have more pix that look much worse. i weight about 128lbs. 120mg wa
  12. my derm told me its not good to wash face with water only. so use soap in the am and pm. and continue moisturizing i guess...just less.
  13. my acne was pretty bad...almost severe. things went downhil at the beginin of the year and now im acne free. i started accutane in april and i broke out terribly throught almost my entire course. i cleared up exactly 2 wks before month 6 in october. i didnt think i was every goin to clear up but i did. now, im acne free so there is still a possibility you may too. my derm suggested to continue tane for another 2 months...howerver im currently off the tane bcuz ipledge messed things up but i will