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  1. Correct. You must apply BP twice daily,. regardless of holiday. If you skip a day, it can affect results. Always apply it in morning and night. Isn't your face getting irritated when doing that? No, after several months your face adapts and does not become irritated any longer
  2. Correct. You must apply BP twice daily,. regardless of holiday. If you skip a day, it can affect results. Always apply it in morning and night.
  3. Recently ordered new bottle of BP Treatment. Moment I applied it, I can feel a drastic difference in texture. It felt more like glue. Very unlike all the other ones I have been using for many many years. Something has definately changed and I do not like it. Please advise.
  4. AHA alone will not work. BP is the key factor in preventing and lessing pimples. I have been on regime for years with just BP..then added AHA to it. Worked great. Decided to stop regime all together and that was big mistake. Now back on regime for 1 week and half and getting back to norm. All AHA will do is recycle your skin faster. It wont prevent acne or make acne less extreme. It will just remove dead skin faster so new skin comes up.
  5. your doing it wrong joba goes after bp. You need to apply bp first so it is effective. If you put anything else on before bp, you will not see results.
  6. Too much AHA. Just use moisterizer w/out AHA in morning. Only apply dans AHA at night and you should be fine.
  7. The new pumps are worse than the old. Please go back to old where 1 pump was always evenly dispersed.
  8. You need accutane. You will never find which food if any is causing it. I dont qualify for tane, but cysts do.
  9. No. BP must be applied first. Wait atleast a minute or two then apply moisterizer. If you combine them, BP will not work as effectively. Just wake up a minute earlier.
  10. BP must be applied 2x a day and evenly apart (12 hrs). So, you need to put it on in morning before leaving and at night. I know it stinks you have to work outside in sun as this will bother you more. Make sure to use Mosterizer as well as Joba Oil every morning after applying BP as this should allow you to work outside without issue. AHA- should be applied 1x a day and at night only. This should not be applied right when you go outside as it will cause issues. 1x a night is fine. (after bp ofc
  11. Loss of Hair, Dry lips, organ damage are side effects of Accutane and there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. Its not like you can remove it from your body. Damage is already done. All the blood work in the world wont help. Sorry to hear this, but this is why you see cancer patients with same symptons.
  12. I put on almost equal amount of BP in any area that I have broke out. Does not matter how often.
  13. Benzoyl Peroxide is SAFE with pregnancy. Not sure why your Doc said otherwise. Google "Benzoyl Peroxide Pregnant" and all the links I checked said its safe. BP is actually probably safest of them all because it is put on skin instead of a pill. So, with that being said I would try Dans Regime again. alot cheaper and safer. Check out what I use in my signature. Im in late 30's and have been clear since on Dans Regime.
  14. You need to start using acne products.
  15. You are supposed to use a moisturizer everyday, both in morning and night. You should also be using Joba Oil with it, 2x a day. This will reduce flaking alot.