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  1. Get back to eating healthy. I found that when my skin was at its clearest it was because I had been avoiding over indulging on wheat products and not consuming any processed sugar. During this winter I dropped my diet and sure enough, the pimples came back worse than ever. I am now back on track to eating healthy and have cleared all acne on my chin and am now only left with hyperpigmentation.
  2. Im also struggling with the same on my chin, i feel worthless
  3. I know this is probably too late but try exfoliating your entire face. Afterwards ice your largest pimples for 1-minute intervals, with ice wrapped in a clean plastic bag or towel. This should get rid of the pus and a little of the redness.
  4. Using a primer will give your skin more hydration and also keep your makeup on for longer. I use Natio Illuminating Primer when I went to give my skin a poreless, moisturised finish.
  5. Hello, after reading your blog I tried this overnight spot treatment for myself. When I woke up there was some crusty residue that I scrubbed off but A REALLY NOTICEABLE YELLOW TINGE has been left behind on my fair skin? How do I get rid of this ASAP? Help would be incredibly appreciated!!
  6. I just stained my skin with turmeric! I have quite fair skin and I read a review of an overnight turmeric spot treatment, that you mix water and turmeric and leave it on a pimple overnight. I put this spot treatment on pimples on my chin and forehead. When I woke up in the morning I washed off the excess but a REALLY YELLOW TINGE HAS BEEN LEFT BEHIND ON MY SKIN! it's really noticeable and won't go away after I scrubbed and oil cleansed! Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of this? I NEE
  7. Thanks for your help I drink at least 3 cups of green tea every day but have recently tried spearmint instead. I am also taking a Zinc supplement, especially for the skin. I've stopped using the Garnier product I was using and now using either Dermeze facial cleanser or Proactiv Step 1 cleanser depending on how my skin feels. I'm still getting clogged pores in the middle of my forehead and all over my chin. Does this have anything to do with my liver? How can I clear them? I used to have a
  8. Hi, I'm a 14-year-old girl. I don't have acne but I get pimples and they make me hate my skin so much. I feel like everybody is looking at my skin and not at what I am really like as a person. I recently tried Apple Cider Vinegar for my clogged pores in the middle of my forehead and it just made everything so much worse. I hate the disappointment of trying a new product thinking it will be the miracle and breaking out all over your entire face. I feel like boys will never like me. My skin