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  1. MrWarden88: Yea my derm gave me my hospital prescription for roaccutane on my first appointment. I had bloods taken that day too. She said not to take the roaccutane until my blood results were back. She telephoned me two days later to let me know the bloods were all fine and said I could start popping the pills. An update on my progress: I was on 30mg roaccutane once a day for 16weeks. I was supposed to do about a 24week course but I was clear after about 8weeks and the side effects were ve
  2. I'm currently on Accutane. I'm almost at 3.5months. It got worse for the initial 4weeks. Then it got better for 2 weeks. Then a 'blip' where it decided to get worse again for another 2. Since about week 8 it has gradually and SLOWLY been improving. I haven't had any active spots in a month. I have a lot of red marks which just don't seem to go away. However, my skin feels so smooth so I know when I finish the course that's when the real improvement will be noticeable, when the redness gradually
  3. Hi Tmccoy. I'm in a similar situation and feel for you. I'm halfway through my accutane course. I've been experiencing facial redness to varying degrees throughout my course. It's not just dry skin as I'm religious about moisturization and even when I moisturize on those red days it only helps the redness slightly. It's more of a redness from within, probably due to the thinning of the skin letting the blood supply show through more. 95% of the time there is just a slight redness on my che
  4. Hi AndrewUK I'm currently almost 3 months into my Roaccutane course. My acne initially got worse during month one. At the beginning of month two it seemed to be starting to clear up. Then about 6 weeks into the course it went 'BAM' again and I broke out like mad . This was the hardest as it had been getting better and then seemed to want to turn back round again! I wanted to cry too. I battled through and now 2.5 months in I have NO active acne, and haven't had for a few weeks. My skin tone an
  5. It is also possible just to wait for a NHS derm. I only had to wait 6 weeks from GP appointment to seeing the derm. It was annoying waiting but at least I've spent £0 on roaccutane
  6. I had this too. When it appeared I moisturized, moisturized, moisturized and in a few days it went away. I now regularly moisturize my hands a few times a day. A common side effect and nothing to worry about.
  7. I started Roaccutane (isotretinoin) on Dec 17, 2013 so I'm almost at the same stage as you. Similarly my skin is clearing and today I have no 'actives' for the first time in ages! However my skin is constantly red all the time and I flush really easily. It usually happens about 2 or 3 times a day and it's pretty embarrassing. Then when the flushing occurs it makes you even more embarrassed as you know you've went bright red for no reason. It is listed as a common side effect so I'm not worried.
  8. I'm just back from the NHS dermatologist and I've been prescribed Roaccutane. She didn't have any problem at all prescribing me it, as even though my acne could be alot worse, I've basically tried everything over the last 9 years. Obviously she went through the side effects. I have a 6 week course inititally, 30mg once a day. Providing my bloods are ok I start tomorrow. I'm excited! It's not going to be an easy few months with the side effects but I'm feeling hopeful for a good outcome at the e
  9. Hello Katie. I am in a similar situation to you. I'm 24/m/uk. I'm going to see an NHS derm in 2 weeks. Although my acne is relatively mild its sooo persistent and like you I have tried everything. I'm trying the NHS option first although I don't think they're going to give me Roaccutane. Failing that I will see how MUCH it means to me and if I'd be willing to pay out some money for a private dermatology appointment, where I'm more likely to get Roaccutane. Again the side effects don't scare me a
  10. So I didn't have to wait until March to get a dermatology appointment, I think my GP was just preparing me for the worst possible scenario. I have an appointment with a dermatologist on the 17th December. That's about 6 weeks after the referral was sent so for the NHS that ain't too bad! I'm really sick of my acne, it's not severe by any means but it just won't go away and I'm prepared to give Roaccutane a try as I've had enough of my spotty, red, blotchy face for almost 10 years!
  11. I'd consider paying those prices if necessary in the future. Thanks for the info. I work in the medical profession and I've read quite a bit in the medical literature about Isotretinoin and it's side effects. I've no desire to rush into taking it but if I really feel the benefits outweigh the risks I'll go for it in the future.
  12. Thanks for your reply Steve. Yea, I'm aware it's very unlikely I'd get Isotretinoin on the NHS. So far things are going good with the Erythromycin and it seems to be reducing the acne's severity. My plan is to try the NHS route first and if my acne gets worse again (i.e. when it becomes resistant to Erythromycin) and the NHS won't prescribe me roaccutane then I'd consider the private route. How much did it cost you Steve? And how did you get on with the side effects of Roaccutane? In reply to t
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I went to see my GP (family doctor) . I said I had tried everything for my acne and I wanted a dermatology referral. He did infer that my acne isn't that bad but seeing that it was persistent (and I was persistent!) he said that he would send a referral. This is through the NHS here in the UK and he says I'll probably not be seen by a dermatologist until March! In the mean time he prescribed by the oral antibiotic Erythromycin which I've never tried before (I've
  14. Hey good luck with the Accutane! Your acne looks similar to mine too. I'm 24 and again have been battling acne with many treatments for many years. I haven't started Accutane yet but am currently in the process of seeing if I can get a derm to prescribe me a course.
  15. I'm a 24 year old male living in the UK. I've been struggling with acne for almost 10 years now. I've tried: benzoyl peroxide (prescribed) differin (adapalene cream) tetracycline the acne.org regimen doxycycline azealic acid (skinoren cream) Some have worked with moderate short term success, others have made things worse. Nothing has worked long term. I'm currently using no oral antibiotics or prescribed topical treatments. I wash my face 2x daily with mild facial cleanser and that's it. My acn