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  1. any substance on your skin thats not needed on your skin can aid in clogging it to some degree. -common sense.
  2. Yes I do know something you don't. You'll learn about it and tell people after the 23rd.
  3. Just another surgery which seems like a miracle. It's not. Nothing to see here, move on.
  4. I was expecting more. oh well.. if Dans happy, im happy. jk i hate dan and his clear skin lol
  5. welll I THINK... the only natural way is to leave it alone.. and let it come out on its own, as many decades as that may take.. I don't think anyone is that patient. Not even me. =../ I think... every other method is unnatural. / / / So the least unnatural method of treating.. many here believe is the baby brush method.. which doesnt work at all. Don't do it. Complete waste of time. placebo, illusion, psychological self pity brainwash. etc. Anyways another method is to probably slow it down
  6. Meditation? or use fat and soft and wide pillows since that will minimize physical contact. or just dont sleep..
  7. yea that cetaphil shit is a overdryer. look into the oil cleansing method.. i don t know anything aboit it really, but it could help ur case.
  8. Crying is the solution. Just cry, cry a lot. But don't suicide.
  9. I grew out of inflamed acne. I still have not grown out of non-inflamed acne. 15-end of life... is the range. 22-30 is the middle of the bell curve. is this fact? hell nawww. I made it up.
  10. YUP abnormal keratinization is the problem INDEED. even if you don't get pimples.. you could still have oily skin problems and clogged pores and blackheads. OH boy. Unfortunately most scientists know this problem and IT IS stressed to them.. but not to the general public.... who cares, no one knows how to really stop it for good anyways.