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  1. I use the Panoxyl aquagel. I find my skin has got used to it. At first it made my skin very red but 18 months on I find it is generally ok. My chin and cheeks get a bit red sometimes. I used Quinoderm but it left my skin feeling really oily and coated in stuff. I haven't tried the Oxy mainly because it is such a small tube and I can't imagine it lasting for long.
  2. You can also get Cetaphil cleanser from www.pharmacy2u.co.uk. It generally comes by next day delivery.
  3. I had the same problem. My forehead and chin cleared within 4 -6 months but I was at least a year before I could say the same about my cheeks. 18 months on if I get a break out which I tend to once a month it is always on my cheeks. Very irritating
  4. I've tried the healthy life style thing before the regimen. I cut out sugar, although still ate fruit, stopped eating all unhealthy fats and only ate olive oil rarely. Tried to eat as many wholefoods as possible and drank loads of water. I did this for a year and I hated it, what is worse is it made absolutely no difference to my skin which was a mess. As a last resort it tried DKR and am so grateful. My skin is almost completely clear. Yes it does get quite flakey and yes it does require
  5. Indeed that is why it is supposed to improve acne but like a lot of topical medications they are not 100% effective unfortunately.
  6. I just wanted to say I have been using Head and Shoulders for about 8 months now for bacne and it has made a huge difference. I don't use BP at all on my back, the H&S more or less keeps it under control although I still have the odd break out.
  7. I use panoxyl and it is drying but too frightened to try something else as it works! Just have to keep moisturising loads. Eucerin is very good although rather pricey.
  8. I too thought the skin couldn't get used to BP. BP works by introducing oxygen into the skin. The bacteria are unable to survive in an oxygenated environment and so die. I don't see how the bacteria could get used to it. Something else must be the reason for your breakouts. Has something else in your life changed? Have you changed any products you use? You should look at other factors before presuming it to be the BP I think. I might be wrong though.
  9. I try to avoid putting BP on my eyebrows but they still bleach slightly and some of them end up orangey!! My fringe has also got orangey stripes in it where it has been bleached although people seem to think that looks good! Too much hassle to dye eyebrows as if with the regimen there isn't enough facial maintenance...
  10. Sorry to say this but it took at least six months for me to get about 70% clear. Just over a year now and I guess I am 90% clear. Unfortunately there is no quick fix.
  11. Before DKR I used to use toothpaste sometimes. My mum said it was the triclosan (an anti-bacterial) in it that probably helped to dry spots out a bit. Don't think it is strong enough for real acne though.
  12. I don't know why you are worrying about not having acne. I'm 15 and have had acne for 3 years but most of my fellow students don't have acne so you aren't alone!! BE GRATEFUL!!
  13. How severe is your acne? mild/moderate Male/female: female Age: 15 Do you work: A lot at school! Do you stay home only on really bad acne days or is it more frequent? Before DKR mostly cleared my skin I stayed in on bad acne days. I always went to school only missed social events with my friends. For the girls, is makeup not enough to cover it? No not when it was bad. Make up doesn't cover the lumpiness.
  14. I'm not looking forward to school either. Constantly checking my face for new zits and flaking skin. All the plastic girls complaining about some blemish you can't even see. Ugh
  15. Yes, it is prescription only.