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  1. well.... I live in Portland Oregon, so I guess it shouldn't be hard. I just need to stop drinking beer and stick with liquid because accutane definitely turned me into an alcoholic.
  2. Sugar isn't an issue, but I was thinking dairy might be. At this point it seems to be stress and depression The pills give me stomach pains and don't work unfortunately. But I just started using sodium sulfacetidet with lotion
  3. I had to stop accutane after 4 months due to my depression and not being able to go outdoors for extended periods. Even with sunblock I would get sunburn. I do have fair skin, but now I think I have rosacea. I'm losing my mind and don't know if I should go back on accutane because my face is breaking out more then ever. I've been off accutane for 20 days now and this is what my face looks like. It hurts really bad physically and emotionally. What should I do?
  4. This is some great advice, but I'm pretty sure now being on accutane has turn me into and depressed alcoholic. I either need to bump my dose up to 60mg from 30mg or I'm not going to see any improvement as my dermatologist says. Also now that weather is nice and sunny I burn REALLY easy and I have fair skin already and now sunblock hardly works I feel like being homebody more then ever and I can't imagine how bad my face with flake up, sunburn really easy and any other problems like waking up sor
  5. I'm 30 years old male and have had mild to moderate acne since i was 20 and it never really was an issue until now. I started getting cystic acne on my forehead a couple months after I quit smoking cigarettes and changed jobs at the same time which was January 4 2016. My last job before January 2016 I worked in a warehouse for 7 years doing customer service and physical labor in hot a cold temps through out the year and got dirty from grease, oil, dirt, dust, metal shavings in my face, welding a