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  1. Smoke a blunt or 2 see if it doesnt change the quality of your life
  2. bout to move up to coke... Lol jk Weed = my anti-drug
  3. Sweet... Mary jane is helpin me, i dont trust drugs
  4. I keep putting it up because it has been a miracle product for me... Sorry if it didnt work for you... I figure at least i can at least help a few people out, it has really helped m
  5. CLean and clear daily pore cleanser with micro-scrubbers... First off i want you guys to know my acne has been to the point where my face would hurt, becuz it was full of acne, yea acne sucked... So of course i went to the stores, bought all kinds of cleansers, toners, lotions, creams, proactive, and i even went on accutane when i couldnt get it under control... Well i joined acne.org about 6 months ago under a diff name, i tried all kinds of home remedies, only water regimens, and just about e
  6. I remember when i was on accutane i went to the beach, and after a few days in the sun i had inflamed lookin things around my nose and under my eyes, i remember i didnt have anything to really use so i put on aloe vera, they went away.... HOpe this helps by the way it was banana boat Aloe vera lotion
  7. Ive had acne for over 5 years, ive had it to the point where my face would hurt to touch, where i would go to school with red bleeding puss all over my face... Suicide seemed like the only option.. Trust me you guys think you have bad acne, my whole face would be red, oil would drip off of my face, Acne ruined my life for what seemd like forever... Drugs where always the answer for me, drinking alcohol or doing various drugs, they seemed to help but honestly like in the song Moment of truth Gan
  8. I am a firm believer in THE SECRET which was a short vid i saw on youtube, ive seen it before, the power of the mind, have you guys ever seen the old buddhist guy who could control his own bleeding, he slit his own wrists and stabbed himself and no blood came out..... Another thing, my acne has been shit for as long as i remember, i try to stay positive and act like i am clear, it sounds really stupid but let me tell you, when i was working 10 hour shifts at my old job, (im only 18 by the way) i
  9. Honestly im not a big fan of using that many products... I used to use proactive and i have had some regimens where i would wash my face, tone, protect or whatever, but honestly i would just stick to using one cleanser, i recently used my sisters clean and clear oil free acne wash with micro scrubs and it is probably the best cleanser ive ever used... I have used the Biore wash before and the strips but honestly i think they do more harm then good... BUt goodluck
  10. Clean and clear - oil free acne wash with micro scrubbers.... Im visiting my sister for a week, and i know that she had worse acne than me at times, i asked her what she did for her skin, and she simply said she just washes it now.... She used to mess around with all those miracle products/ lotions and what not, and her acne was pretty bad before.... Anyways i asked her if i could use it, and for the past 2 days ive used it day and night, and lemme tell you, its the best ive ever used.... It do
  11. Stained in Satin - alkaline trio My last Serenade - Killswitch engage Black and White - Acceptance Lets get fucked up and die - Motion city soundtrack Actually the first lyrics in black and white are, "Another day in my life, another day im insecure how im portrayed in this world, maybe its my skin, i know that its not my mind." -word
  12. norcal i appreciate you putting this up... I believe the mind is a powerful thing... I dont know if youve ever heard of the law of attraction, but i think its based on similar beliefs.... Im really glad you put this because i forgot all that i learned about this before....
  13. I have minor scar damage, its the slightly pitted ones, my skin doesnt really get that red anymore, only in the spots where i have actives or recents..... I bought a home microdermabrasion kit for after my skin has no more actives.... I think i can deal with it too anyway.... Its better than having a face full of zits
  14. http://www.gnc.com/sm-mri-minus--pi-2563996.html what do you guys think????? I went out and bought a bottle.... It sounds very promising