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  1. I am stopping to take minocyclin (today) as my Docter have prescribed me another treatment (nothing to do with acne) and i was wondering if there are any precautions i should take to stop my skin flaring up? Ive been taking them for about 5 years, whcih ISNT good i know! Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I didn't like the BP gl allt hat much! I pay 8 squid for a tube that lasts about a month I think. And yes, in your face argentina
  3. Where are they 2? I have a shed load on my nose, and my miss' sometimes buys those nose strips, I use a couple of them. They dont get them all out, not even most, but I think if you used one a day or something eventually theose lil gits will be gone. Not too worried about blackies to be honest, call me a racist, but it's the whities I'm affraid of ;-) JohnZe.
  4. In my personal experience, follwing the regimen but switching from BP Gel to Freederm worked consideraby better. It not only rubs in a 1000 times faster, but you also don't have to be white-biased when shopping for clothes, as we all know that bastard BP gel doesnt half ruin non-whites! You can pick it up in most chemists. Let me know how it does! JohnZe
  5. Hehe, gas-ed! I prefer them over city, but follow Chelsea a lil more to be honest, dont ask me why. Where you from in Bristol? How old yah? J.
  6. Hey all, Can any of you give me any advice in regards of cloths, I seem to ruin all of mine no matter how hard i try. The most common problem is the area around the coller, it fades really easily and goes that bleached colour. I have noticed that this does not happen to football (UK football) tops. White doesnt seemt o work either, it just changes it to a different white and it looks horrid. Any suggestions? Also, if I lay off of the regimen for a couple of days i notice my beard grows dar
  7. Hello, I have recently switched cleansers, but no matter which one I use they always dry my skin out really bad, and I have tried quite a few! It's not my face that's the problem though, it's my neck. Although my face is quite dry after cleansing, the BP plus moisturiser tends to sort that out, how ever my neck gets really dry! No matter how much moisturiser I use, within minutes it has become really dried out and flaky! The weirdest part is that I don't even let the cleanser touch my nec
  8. Hello all, first, does the regimen state that you have to have a constant balance of BP? If so then I am not doing it right. I have always done it twice a day, but my regimen times are as follows: 7am - 12:30am - 7 am - 12:30am. I get picked up for work at 7:20 am, which is why I do it so early, and most nights do not get home until gone midnight, and therefore do the regimen then. This means that there is a 6.5 : 17.5 ratio, i.e. my skin goes 17.5hrs without a top up on BP, then when it d
  9. I am not saying that acne does not exist on more permenent basis for some people, all I am asking: Has there been any Study (in favour of either side) into the duration of acne, whether it is treated or not. JohnZe.
  10. Hello all, from what I have seen, acne is a temporary condition. You get it for a week/month/year whatever, then it goes, and if you are lucky you get no scaring, and therefore no recognition of acne after it has passed. Most of the people I know that have had it, have it it for a shortish duration, and now most of them are totally fine. From what it seems though, people that use the regimen have it for longer. Does the regimen weaken the body from fighting acne itself? Even Dan, (who has
  11. I am guessing hairy asses are not uncommon, hairy asses with acne on the other hand...? JohnZe.