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  1. well i dont exercise much, but say when i do a really brisk walk or when im in the sun for a longer period of time, my scalp and those sensitive parts of my skin will start to have this itch. it coincides with the beginning of my body having some tiny sweat. but after a while, say.. 30mins in the sun, it's no problem anymore. tis happens even if i had just showered, washed my hair and washed my face. i find it very strange
  2. UPDATE: raw aloe vera applied on the red areas helped ALOT. after 3 days of it my chin areas are no longer flaky, wow! so yeah for anyone reading this skip the topicals go the real thang
  3. it's been like that for 10 days, situation hasnt improved actually. 10 days ago i was using tape, cetaphil, sometimes coconut oil as moisturizer. now i just use cetaphil. just started using ACV to try and curb the redness. should i continue using coconut oil as moisturizer? as my skin is very sensitive now and although i have vitamin e cream and aloe vera gel, im very hesistant to use them cos i read vitamin e cream has irritants and one of the ingredients of the aloe vera gel (jorubi brand)
  4. also, the mass redness is accompanied by flaky skin this is baaaad Help????!
  5. a new form?! oh another thing, the side of my face is abit uneven in skin tone, i guess also from too much peeling. how should i fix that? ACV? or just let it ride itself out?
  6. the pus are gone now actually. the irritating thing is the itchiness as evidenced by the patchy redness. for eg. i'll take a walk around the neighborhood and because of the little sweat my face get it'll itch like hell! wat i do now is just wash my face and use an ice cube over the really itchy spots. i wonder how long will this last? the patchy red is so yucky
  7. throughout the day..? that doesnt sound realistic actually but im thinking wats better, applying vitamin E or apply fresh aloe vera. i read aloe from the leaf loses its healing properties once u cut it open? if so, wouldnt it be a waste if i just buy one for a one time usage? http://www.ehow.com/how_2832_prevent-scarring.html this site says to apply aloe till it closes up and there's a scar and then start to apply vit E.
  8. in the past week i got too enthusiastic with the tape peeling method and got my face messed up. wat i realize is is that the brown marks on my chin and jawline were the ones getting inflamed. wat does that mean really? and also i've got red patchy blotches in those areas where there is inflammation but not in other areas which i also exfoliated with the same frequency. so too much peeling caused the relapse? i was doing it on average of once a day. at most twice a day, cos i thought i was smar
  9. WARNING LESSON: this past week my skin itched a little more than usual so i thought it must be the dead skin making me itch so i did the peeling single everyday. anyways the result is that now my slightly red or brown marks on my chin and side of face are all FLAREd up. the brown marks on my chin/jawline each sprouted red bumps, like a relapse. i think my skin itched to tell me my skin was under stress? i was sleeping a little less during the week and was stressed by work too. now a little V
  10. huh? light of love? oh! u mean sunlight right?
  11. attached is the giant zit that popped around 5 days ago. it was nasty, the pus inside was the hard kind not the gooey liquid kind, blehh. now it's got this huge dent. wat are the steps i can take to reduce this scarring?
  12. edit: while washing face with cetaphil+baking soda the swell started bleeding. only blood, no pus. should i continue with an egg white mask? wat should i do to minimize brown mark or long term damage? a hot compress? i used the ice for one time, didnt work, i didnt try 3-5 times a day 'as instructed' though. well its now bad almost 10mm big, and its very blood red, more than ever. its the HUGEST one i've got in a very very very long time, wat i ate/did wrong i donno, but its really depressing