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  1. I have some scarring on my cheeks. Have any of you guys dealt with similar scars? Have you found a treatment to eliminate them?
  2. Haha, I'll give it a try. What strength you think I should test with? By the way, thanks for all your advice. You've been really helpful!
  3. Yeah, tca cross may also be used to minimize enlarged pores. But you need to be extremely cautious and do your research!!!
  4. You can do TCA cross on your own at home. It won't make the scars worse if you take the time to research how to do it. And I mean REALLY research. Do lots of reading, watch as many videos and ask as many questions as you can until you feel confident. Then, you would do a test spot using a low percentage of TCA and only on one scar. Then, after seeing the results and how your skin reacts, you could always increase the percentage and do more scars.
  5. A few of my scars are wide... particularly the one I've labeled #1 in my photo. I haven't been able to bring myself to perform the cross method yet because of just that, and I can't tell if it's a boxcar or not. I like your suggestion of doing a spot peel first, then reassessing. What made you change your mind? Ps.. Thanks for clarifying the toothpick filing for me
  6. Definitely looks like icepick scars. You should research the TCA cross method.
  7. Thanks beautifulambition! I've read many many articles, threads, and case studies on performing TCA cross, but from all this information one thing is still somewhat unclear to me... and that's how the toothpick is to be filed down. I understand the toothpick may need to be skinnier, as it could better fit inside the scar, but are we also supposed to flatten the pointed tip down a bit? I'm not sure if such a subtle difference would even have much impact over the end results, but I'm curious to k
  8. Hey guys, My face is covered with acne scars that have surfaced mainly from picking at my skin. I've had 2 lazer resurfacing treatments in the past, costing a total of 2 grand. The treatments didn't really do much, so I've spent the last year and a half researching other, less expensive options. I ended up purchasing a dermaroller that had the best reviews. It was supposed to be a really good quality roller, but it felt as if it was causing microtares so I never used it again. I later
  9. I'm not sure if it's because I'm new to this forum... but I'm not seeing the link for "all things acid peels". Could also be because I'm on my phone and not a computer. I really want to see the step by step guide for performing TCA cross. Would you please send me the link you're talking about here? Thank you!