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  1. So, this debate has probably gone on before. But anyway, do you guys think that warm water or cold water is better for cleansing? Warm water opens the pores and cold water tightens them, but which one works better?
  2. I have pretty oily skin, but after doing the regimen my skin is pretty flaky for an hour or two if I don't use moisturizer. And I've been using BP for three years! :/
  3. Some people say that sweating sort of cleans out your pores. Like superMachi said, it's non-comodogenic, but it feels kind of icky. Usually I splash my face after exercising.
  4. Hmm! I'm going to give it a try. I use a moisturizer with oats in it, but I'll try the exfoliation method tonight.
  5. I've been using Duac for a few years, but I've switched to Dan's BP now. I've found that Duac gets really sticky and balls up with my moisturizer. It also doesn't do a very good job of sinking in! :confused:
  6. My skin always looks best in the morning and evening after I do the regimen. I suspect this is because the BP really dries up my skin and mutes the redness, and everything looks nice and matte. And, voila! Really nice looking skin. However, later in the day, after sweating and coming into contact with who knows what, things get a little shinier, more oily, and redder, which displays acne to better advantage. Or should I say, disadvantage.
  7. Most of my issues are on the forehead, so I have to slather a lot of BP up there; naturally it comes in contact with my hairline and eyebrows. I've got black hair, and haven't had any bleaching issues yet.
  8. My sister grew out of acne when she was sixteen or so. A few minor pimples sometimes happen to her, but her skin is always generally clear.
  9. OH darn! I love, love love tofu, which is made from soy of course. I also use a cleanser with soybean extract.
  10. I don't have any advice to offer, but I just ordered my first batch of BP also, so we're in the same boat.
  11. I've heard that sodium laureth sulfate can be harsh for skin.
  12. I've never tried that particular product before, but back in the day I tried Proactiv's Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP) which worked pretty well as long as you applied it heavily. I really liked that it was part moisturizer, part BP medication, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, it had a very APPALLING odor (we're talking BAD, especially when it was applied in such large amounts!) so I dropped the stuff. The product was pretty good, except for the smell. But if anyone wants to give it a try,
  13. I have moderate acne on my forehead, mostly in my "t-zone" and near the hairline. I use Duac topical gel (5% BP, 1% clindamycin) with DKR; before I started the regimen, I used to just spot treat with it. Now that I am applying a ridiculously large amount of BP on my forehead, the sensation is a bit different. Duac does NOT cause my face to really redden or flake, but when I apply so much to my face, it just feels like a big mask. I feel like my pores can't "breathe". It still works well enough