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  1. well, for the first time in a while i found myself decent enough to go out, and i feel human again. My face looked better then it has in months. Girls even took a second glance, it was a time of redemption. I used to feel like my acne would never disappear and i could never do anything social again, well for all you that are in the same situation as i was in, please keep your head-up, eventually you will become human once more and let me tell you, it is one of the greatest feelings ever.
  2. Ok so i was wondering if mosurizer is a must... i've never used it because i always had the state of mind that moisturizing your skin feeds acne (no scientific evidence, actually no evidence what-soever ) so what does moisturizer do and what kinds would be safe for my reallllly sensitive and easily broken out skin? thanks
  3. SPORTS AND ACNE Well, from personal experience i can tell you sports is what clogged my first pore. If you play sports requiring a facemask e.g) hockey, football, lacross...etc. this may have been the reason why you started to get acne. Football and hockey are my sports.... hockey caused my first zit, then football caused my first breakout, once my skin started to get clogged, it just kept getting worse and worse. My sweaty, oily chinguard is what cause my chin breakouts, my forehead breakouts because of my helmet, my cheek breakouts because my sweat always runs down my cheeks for some reason...See its amazing how you can figure out the reason why you first started to get acne just by looking at positioning, i mean i know its genetics and such but even genetics need a trigger. Seriously think about where u have acne and try to trace that area to something you do everyday, or every night, maybe your sleep on that side of your face, your greasy hair gets all over the pillow then you expose your face to it all night... thats going to trigger acne... so think about your trigger and make sure you stop doing whatever causes that first zit
  4. My little cousin came up too me one day and said, what is that red stuff on your face and i just laughed and let my aunt explain it too him, then in elementary school this gr 1 said, oh i didnt think you could get chicken pocks in gr 8, i got mine last year... i also laughed. But im waiting for somebody to blatenly say something like pizza face or crator face, because then somebodys getting knocked the f*** out.
  5. Well i figured i'd make this because it's something im dealing with this right this second. Most summers i'd be outside everyday meeting girls, hanging out with girls, dating girls, etc. Now i'm afraid to leave my house. It hurts the most because i used to be so social, now i look back at last summer and remeber how great it was. Thats what tides me over, and the hope that one day ill be walking and ill get struck by lighting and my acne will disappear. Come'on don't lie, we all have stupid hopes like these. But eventually reality will hit you...like a brick. Your mirror will become your worst enemy, your acne meds will be your guardian, but hey if you see the amount of irresponsible guardians neglecting the people there watching over, you can understand this metaphore. Somedays you feel why am i even taking this? it will never work. Other days you stare at your products and say buddy your my escape, do me good. Then you wake up, disappointed as f**k when you see your reflection. All day i sit and think what happened to me? i wish i could just wake up without this motherfu**ing sh** on my face. I mean its not the physical pain thats so bad about it, i've experianced farrrr worse, but its the emotional pain, which feels like somebody took a tireiron too your confidence, or somebody is scraping away your socialization skills with a wallpaper remover. As sick this sounds it would make me feel better too know that somebody else knows what i'm going through. Sometimes i wish selling your soul to the devil for something actually worked...cause if it did you could bet your ass i'd have sold it 1000 times over. Anyways, thanks for reading this anybody who did, and i wouldn't mind hearing about other peoples f**ked up summers peace.
  6. Hawkeye07

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Where can you get this ACV? and do you think it will help complicated acne even with my sweaty facemask for football?
  7. Hawkeye07

    My parents think I'm crazy...

    My parents have accepted me eating really healthily because if they say stuff like why are you drinking the green stuff, i say, why aren't you? then if they say because were normal i just say i guess normal consists of dying 10 years earlier then most, then i leave. PS. if your parents get mad at you because of it, they might be jealous
  8. Hawkeye07

    Acne vs. Shaving

    Well this doesn't really apply to females seeing as most females dont shave there faces on a regular basis... Anyways, i gotta shave at least 3 times or 4 times a week but its so hard! if i put alot of cream on, i cant see where my big pimples are, therefore slicing then. If i put a small bit of cream on, i can see the pimples but it hurts like hell. Im not sure what im going to do... electronic shavers work pretty well but they cant get inbetween acne like a razor can Guys, what do you do when your shave?