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  1. When someone asks you to prove what you say, they mean that you are supposed to produce evidence, not for you to repeat your argument or for you to pretend that you have some sort of authority on the subject. In matters of science, what's required is either a) a controlled study that you've conducted yourself, with full methodology and results for others to examine or b) a reference to such a study that has been peer reviewed. Until you provide either of these things, you are talking out of your
  2. You can't be sure yet. With the normal tests, you need to wait at least 6 months after the possible exposure to get an accurate negative test result since it takes up to that long for HIV antibodies to show up. In other words, you need to get tested again in a few months to be sure (and in the meantime, you can't engage in anymore risky activities, otherwise you'll reset the clock and have to wait 6 months again). There are more expensive tests that find the virus itself which shortens this peri
  3. I'm going to tone down the condescending attitude so you'll try to read this without being offended. I've already provided or linked to ample evidence that the conspiracy theories being posted here are wrong. I didn't wake up one day and decide that the conspiracy theories are wrong. I saw the theories and looked at their claims. Then I read rebuttals to those claims (and checked, where possible, the veracity of the rebuttals). The rebuttals pointed out flaws in the theories. Therefore, the the
  4. Why do you assume that I was referring to your particular conspiracy theory? Clearly I was talking about conspiracy theorists who believe it was a Jewish conspiracy. It was in response to someone who was talking about there being Jews on 9/11, which was in response to someone who claimed that it was a Jewish conspiracy. It's all quoted in my posts. I can't believe that I have to spell everything out. First, it was my missile instead of plane comment. If I'm talking about missiles instead of pl
  5. Your personal account is all well and good but the crackpots will say that because you're Jewish and therefore part of the conspiracy, you must be lying. They love to use absurd logic like that because they can't actually come up with a proper argument.
  6. Maybe it's a hard problem to solve. Not all problems are created equal. HIV / AIDS, cancer - they don't have magic bullets. And not all problems are related. It's like saying, "They can make machines that fly, why can't they make a ray gun?" at a time when lasers hadn't even been invented yet. Even within the narrower field of medicine, different achievements involve different breakthroughs.
  7. No one has adequately addressed the deficiencies of the conspiracy theory but they keep believing it. If that's not stupid, I don't know what is. And it's you believers who are acting like a broken record: you repeat your arguments over and over without responding to the objections raised. Why should anyone believe you if you can't even make your own theories logically sound? It's clear to me now that the believers of the conspiracy theories don't have a shred of logical thinking skills. Just
  8. Yes, they are. Just because someone appears to be speaking from a position of authority does not mean that they aren't stupid or that they don't subscribe to conspiracy theories. (Aside: I would not trust GWB to teach my kids basic English, for example, and he's POTUS). Really, you have to evaluate what they are saying and determine if it makes sense or not. None of the people that you've pointed out had any insider information about 9/11, so their statements don't constitute proof. And regardle
  9. And you don't think that it's at least a tad bit disrespectful to the people who died (and their families) on AA 77 to claim that they either didn't actually die or that they died in a fashion different than what really happened? I really didn't think I had to connect the dots to have you understand that.
  10. As long as people are believing theories that are clearly stupid, I'll keep pointing that out. I'm not angry at all. I am purposely being condescending because some of you deserve it for being so illogical. You are not thinking rationally. When you get into the real world, you'll find that people won't give you the benefit of the doubt. So just consider this a preview of what you can expect when you say something stupid professionally. I'm really sorry to say it, but most of you haven't logica
  11. Are you really this dense or are you just good at playing dumb? A lot of people ON THE PLANES died but some 9/11 conspiracy nutjobs are claiming that there were no planes and it was just a missile or a remote controlled plane that crashed (e.g. all the "questions" about why there wasn't enough debris at the Pentagon, etc). If I were you, I'd talk to your schoolboard and ask them why your comprehension skills are so poor even after so many years of schooling. You clearly didn't get your time's wo