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  1. to be honest I would rather have 25 years of a peaceful life without acne and be happy than live the rest of my life with severe acne and suffer but thats just me...
  2. If I put a paper bag on my head than I could be close to perfect because I work out so much...hah on a side note as a guy this is kinda depressing to admit
  3. when a friend I haven't seen in years said I needed to start taking better care of my skin...at that moment I hated her so much because she had flawless skin In school when I had severe acne and had to do a presentation the teacher spoke in front of the class asking me if I was having an allergic reaction to something People harassing me in school about my skin and telling me it would look better if I got a lighter and burned it off... Can't remember all the things people have said about my
  4. What the title says...do you think its okay for men to wear makeup? I am a guy and I don't wear it but I am considering wearing it just to hide acne...
  5. Next time your dermatologist blows you off or seems hurried and uninterested make sure to notify someone. You can sue him for that. I think most hospitals are required to make public all claims against doctors, whether they become lawsuits or not. Maybe I am just a jerk and thats why I have acne.
  6. Lots of my friends have suggested that I whiten parts of my skin to cover up the acne scar discoloration? Is this a good idea? Please help
  7. I use salicylic acid wash 2-3 times a day and retin A. What type of moisturizer do you think would be best for me? Shameless Bump
  8. thanks for all the help but I still want a few more responses please
  9. when would I moisturize? During the day or at night? Usually at night I put on Redna A.
  10. Hi I have mild to severe acne it really varies but I have extremely oily skin. A lot of my friends suggest that I moisturize my skin and it won't be as oily? Is this true? Can someone please suggest a good moisturizer for a person suffering from acne and has horribly oily skin? thanks for the help
  11. Hi, I use to have severe acne it was so severe that I regretted going outside and socializing with friends. I tried everything from antibiotics to accutane but nothing had a significant effect on my acne. Over the past 2 years by changing my diet and trying sulfur mask, sacilyic acid wash and trentoin cream and exercising daily my acne has become a lot more manageable I still have some acne but I still have a lot of acne scarring from when it was really severe . Can someone offer me some advice.