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  1. I think it helps to give your skins a break from all meds for about two weeks before starting a new treatment. I got off of all antiobiotics, because it was making me extremely sensitive to the sun, and I was tanning very easily. So, I took a break, and yes, the pimples did start coming back. I also noticed though that when I stopped also using products with benzoil peroxide, it greatly helped my skin calm down. Sometimes I think the more you do, the more irritated and pimply the skin becomes. S
  2. I have been using a pea sized amount now, and it really does seem to help! I am not shedding as much, and my skin doesn't feel irritated like it used to. A test is that if I have used too much, I feel the need to rub it in more causing a white residue. I know then that I have used too much. I also use a sulphur drying lotion when I do break out which seems to really get rid of any breakouts. I think it is the combination of the retin-a and the sulphur lotion that is working. I just dap it on at
  3. I have been on Retin-a micro .01% for 12 days now, and as expected my skin is dry, peeling and broken out a bit from the medication. Is the peeling similar to the peeling on Accutane. Is the dryness the same? Also,are the purposes similar- ie. is the retin-a supposed to bring everything to the surface like accutane, and then as dead skin cells shed, new skin forms with less clogged pores. Also, are the long term results similar. When should I expect the massive shedding to diminish? Also, how lo