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  1. Didn't work

    To put it simple, this did not help clear my blackheads or acne in general. I have normal skin and all this did for me was make my skin feel clean, and it did not break me out either. (I used it for a few months)
  2. Not for me

    I'll start off by saying I have normal skin, I found out about oil cleansing on YouTube and thought I'd give it a try, and long story short, it didn't work. I used coconut oil and I know there's tons of different oils to use but that's what I used. It didn't really make my skin worse but it also didn't make it better. The only thing it did is make my skin a little bit smoother and softer afterwards. Although every person is different, it may work for you and it may not.
  3. BeccaBeta9

    Works for me

    Works for me

    Where do I start, the summer before my freshman year in high school I started getting acne (I did in middleschool just not as bad, the occasional pimple that went away without anything scarring) the acne I got was only on my forehead and I used products such as tea tree which worked for awhile but then became ineffective. I then continued to suffer through these forehead pustules all throughout my freshman year until I got sick of it, and I read on here that drinking water cured another woman's
  4. BeccaBeta9

    It's good

    It's good

    I bought a tea tree oil stick back before my freshman year of high school, and it was my first time using tea tree on my face. I used it for the whiteheads on my forehead and some pustles and they seemed to go away fairly quickly by drying them out; unfortunately, it's not as effective as it was the first time I used it which was a few years ago but I still recommend you should give it a shot.