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  1. If you do a Google search for "anterior chemabrasion" you'll a good amount of studies and publications in dermatology/plastic surgery journals but almost no one that performs the procedure. As I write this, I'm currently healing from 2 day phenol chemabrasion from Dr. Rullan. Currently the results are coming along nicely however I'm thinking this might be the next procedure should I feel I need more textural improvement but don't want the prolonged . I felt the "chemabrasion" part of
  2. @shei514You are a queen for going through with this! I appreciate you so much for your thread and answering my questions! I know it's been a while since you last posted but how long did it fully take to get back to your normal skin color? Like three months at most? Do you have any tinted moisturizer brands that you recommend? The patient coordinator provided me with a concealer specifically meant for post-op skin patients but the redness bleeds through. I guess I'll have to wait it out for
  3. Sort of. My job is remote but I do need to be on camera sometimes. My face doesn't look too bad on camera but it also depends on lighting/filters.
  4. Hi! I'd say you need about 3 days in San Diego/Chula Vista to get it done. Try to just get a reliable friend/family member to help you. Professional care givers are very expensive and you really don't need that level of care for that time frame. I didn't use Airbnb but rather the cheapest motel I could find and it was a steal at $45 a night which is way cheaper than the former. Plus it was clean! There was another provider actually much closer to me providing this peel and he i
  5. Hello all! I wanted to use this section to document my progress phenol peel. I wanted to do this in one go so I don't have to keep checking this website as much. I'll try to post pictures en masse at the 30 day mark. 2014: Acne Scar Journey Begins on a Bad Start: F’ed up big time and went to a plastic surgeon’s office where I was oversold on the care package below. I did get significant improvement but not to the extent that I would’ve liked in relation to the money I spent. I
  6. @shei514 will you be posting an update soon? It sounds like you're for the most part already healed up given that you're thinking about getting a semi-permanent filler for your skin? How's your complexion and texture going so far? Better, worse? I have my appointment on the 21 and 22nd so I'm a little nervous and excited for a change. How did you handle work by the way? Did your coworkers say anything about your face being super red?
  7. Wait, are you saying that months after phenol peel your skin becomes sensitive in the sense that if you press against it it turns red? Like, 2-months post op red or like a pinkish tone? Can you post a video/photo elaborating. That's really interesting and concerning
  8. @shei514How's your social life been? I'm most nervous about this since I'm sure it will affect how personal/professional life will change. It's good to hear that your scars are healing up nicely but I'm most worried most complexion given that I'm not skin type I or II and hyperpigmentation is my main issue. Has Dr. Rullan had any follow ups with you outside of the regular ones listed in the procedure outline? I just got approved for the credit card that will allow me to fund this procedure,
  9. @shei514Checking in to see how your complexion is looking so far! Is it the same as your untanned skin? Also how was your experience working with Patricia? I can't for the life of me get a hold of her. She's making it really difficult.
  10. @shei514Did you feel the subcision break scars that had retethered once again? I didn't know that his procedure comes with subcision. Also when will you post a progress update? I've been trying to get a hold of Patricia so she can schedule me with an appointment but she's been impossible to get a hold of via phone or email
  11. @shei514Glad to see your skin is progressing well. Do you feel that the subcision was of any benefit in improving your tethered or boxcar scars? I keep forgetting that Rullan actually provides subcision with that treatment! Also do you feel your facial skin tone is slowly matching up with your neckline to the point where you don't need to wear foundation? Thanks!
  12. @shei514 Do you happen to have the update email of Amy or whomever is the new patient coordinator? I emailed them but can't seem to get a hold of them and my emails got denied submission. I'm actually motivated to get this thing done sooner. Do you feel the redness decreasing by the day and slowly reverting back to your neck skin tone? I thought they matched you up with something so the redness wouldn't look as jarring/blatant.
  13. @shei514How would you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10? I had my consultation with Amy and Dr. Rullan in January and am trying to get it asap before winter starts. I am however ethnic and mainly doing it for pigmentation issues in addition to acne scars. Keep up the documentation!