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  1. Skinnystrong, I'm just wondering if you've had experience with subcision specifically because a DR. actually told me it can thicken the dermis over time when used in conjunction with PRP or fillers. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing tho.
  2. The fibrous tissue that attaches the scar to the skin seems to be part of the body's natural healing process. I'm wondering, does breaking this down cause the skin to change or age differently? Has anybody specifically noticed anything like this? How does the skin change in the area of subcision 5+ years down the line, both good and bad?
  3. One thing I don't get about the idea of a Paleo diet is that all fruits that contain a form of sugar (usually fructose in the case of fruits) get converted to glucose in your body and make your blood sugar go up just like bread and grains do. There has to be something else to grains making some people break out. It can't just be the fact that it's converted to sugar, or even converted quickly because a lot of fruits are reall sweet. To the original poster: Any chance of an exact diet plan th
  4. Hey, somewhat unrelated to the topic but, when you break out while accutane, wouldn't it, in theory, make your skin scar worse because your skin is so dried out all the time? Edit: That is assuming that you have scar prone skin, as I do.
  5. *Bump* I just want to know how everyone is doing with this? I was thinking about trying it myself, but I bought some brobiotics years ago and it made me break out severely, so I'm not sure if this is the appropriate way to go for me. Personally, I can't conceive of any difference between water keif and probiotics. It's all the same stuff and there's no science showing any of it is different. Next, I will cut out diary and possibly beef. I've already stopped drinking milk, but I've been eating
  6. Update on your exicision @ Neu2011? Any new procedures since your last post on here? Sorry I haven't searched the threads.
  7. k so i got me some acv vinegar capsules a couple days ago from vitacost and they came in today. Bottle reads: 1500 mg per serving (3 capsules) with 360 capsules.... anyways, i was wondering how i could convert i guess 2-3 tablespoons to mg's =\. well basiclly i'd prolly like to take 2-3 tablespoons worth morning and night for my red marks .... but not sure really .... anybodies feedback would help alot thanks
  8. No offense guys but wassup with all the new people trying this method when all IC is people either not noticing a diffrence *AT ALL* or slight changes witch could be from other factors. dont get why everyone wants to try this method and its so popular lol wheres the conclusive evidence anyways? haven't seen anybody with any "maraculous" change in there skin acne wise in a long term period (3 months to a year)
  9. Hmm, since I been using pantethine for almost 6 weeks, felt a little obligated to give you guys the DEMO on it, from my experince with it so far in contribution to this topic!!! K, I started taking pantethine almost 6 weeks ago now, after about 5 days I noticed my skin get pretty dry, i was also taking proactiv at the time!!! I stopped taking proactiv bout 5 days into the pantethine regimn and got a NASTY break out along my jaw line and forehead (places were i never even got acne before) im no
  10. K so I started taking Pantethine for my acne last month with a B-complex daily, was on 1200 MG's each day spread into 3 pills, usually around 5-6 hours apart, 450/450/300. after about 3 days i noticed my skin a hella lot less oily, but then it seem'd to slowly return at around day 5, i experince a pretty lame breakout after a few days that got a little worse up untill about 2 weeks, at about 2 weeks i started to see MINOR results i might be wrong .... anyways im a little over a month now and i h
  11. Yea those guys from 04 never got back to anybody WEIRD ..... yea im glad i researched more before just buyin a bottle of B5 .... Dont wanna have to buy all that other junk when i can just take a b-complex with pantethine ... ALOT more convinient ...
  12. yea, thats prolly ur body used to getting the B5 for nutritional uses ... cause i would take multivitamins for a long time and when i stopped i noticed a hunger for things i would never crave for .... But basiclly from wat ive seen in my family, acne starts to get really slow at around 25-26 thats how it seems for my bros. So I'm hopin i could preserve my SEXY (quated from ditty in proactiv add) for just 5 years or something then wean off and just use facial cleaners ... I dont really care abou
  13. Man was hoping to see some updates with results from people using pantethine ... I just started taking 450 mg's today ( with a b 100 complex) and should be up to 1125 in a week or something .... I'll be sure to post my personal update for anybody interested in trying it .. latez
  14. Do any of you guys know if tis safe to mega dose on b5 and drink? Or more importantly to me, to drink alcoholic beverages to the point of intoxication (.1 and higher i guess) while taking 1200mg of pantethine/b-complex 100 and cod liver oil?