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  1. Hello, I am currently using differin+b5+bp. Well i have a bottle of minocycline around my house (empty but its got 3 more refills on it). Will adding monocycline to my regimen have any adverse side effects with the other products im using? Thanks. p.s. On the bottle it says twice daily 100mg per pill..does this seem like a lot to you? Thanks
  2. You didn't have any results until a month and a half or you didnt see side effects until a month and a half?
  3. 10gs a day...7 pills in mourning, 6 in afternoon and 7 when i go to bed.
  4. I havnt experienced ANY side effects while taking b5 thus far...and im wondering if this is an indicator that it wont work for me.Ive been on it for about 2 weeks now. If this dosnt work im going on accutance. I know two weeks isnt enough time to show noticable results for acne but is it odd to see no side effects what-so-ever? Thanks.
  5. Ok, say ive already had an initial breakout using another prescription medicine i.e. differin gel. If i switched to accutane would i experience another initial breakout right after my old one? Thanks
  6. Has anybody actually seen results by using Zinc? Im curious cause im currently taking b5 and would like to know if taking zinc would help to expedite the process. Thanks
  7. Dude i swear in those first pics it looks like u have a freaking mullet. Its cool tho hope the b5 werks! Just started taking mine 4 days ago : [-o<
  8. Wow...I have never seen people take a post which was obviously suppose to be a joke so seriously... Maybe im the only one who understood his original message?You people almost act as if you are offended..when if was an obvious attempt at being ironic. Lighten up!
  9. Sum1 on this message board told me that this(differin+stridex) would fuck up your face. Is there any truth to this? I dont see how it could possibly make my face worse...also if you mean by irritating and drying it out...my face dosnt get dry at all no matter what i put on it. Its wierd i have real bad acne but my face isnt oily or dry.
  10. stridex+differin=fucked up face? What brings you to that conclusion? Seems to be working good for me thus far...
  11. I also would like to know...I had a full tube just sitting around so i decided to start using it. Currently my face is totaly fucked up but im using b5/stidex/differin every night so hopefully it will help. Im worried that when/if i clear up there will be red marks all over the place.
  12. Hello, Well I agree with the fact that everyone has problems...some more than others though. Ive had acne since I was 13 and am now 19. I also suffer from kyphosis(hunchback) which is another disfiguring diesease. As you can imagine I am very self-aware about my situation. My father passed away about a year and a half ago. He went through very severe cystic acne which didnt go away till he was 30. Sure my acne gets me down ALOT but i know that my father is looking down on me giving me streng