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  1. But I thought the only thing that matters with Accutane is the amount of it you have in your system at the end of the course?
  2. I've been on Accutane for 3 and a half months. So for about a month now, I've been taking both 40mg Accutane pills together since it is really convenient for me (and lets me go without a meal right before bed). Lately, I've been wondering if the pills are both absorbing. My side effects have recently went down. My arms aren't as dry now; may be because of using Vaseline, even though it didn't work at first. But I haven't used it for a few days, and I still haven't noticed much arm dryness like
  3. Please, do not not let him stop the Accutane. He needs to go the whole course and probably on the highest dose possible. A little while after the course is over, he can get scar/red mark treatments and be set to be able to live a completely normal life again.
  4. Thanks. I'll just take them around 7 hours apart, as it would fit best for me that way.
  5. Alright, cool. Thanks. It would be great if I could have a few more people to back up these answers. So, I probably need to buy some peanuts. Haha.
  6. I've been on Accutane for almost 3 weeks. How important is it to wait exactly around 12 hours between doses each day? Any noticeable effects from skipping one dose? How much food do I have to eat for it to absorb good enough? I only have time to eat around 5 pizza rolls before school each morning. Is it perfectly okay that I have Sotret instead? Is it okay to take the pill 30 minutes before bed? My mom told me it would cause heartburn.
  7. Sorry to bump, but I will have my 40mg Accutane tonight. Now, Dan's regimen has done wonders for my face, to be honest. It is only getting better, but I'm still left with red marks and minor scars. So... Should I start Accutane or not? Dan's regimen is working, and I would hate to see an initial breakout from stopping BP right before school. I would actually like to help some with red marks and scarring before it starts. I only have 9 days, so I'm thinking maybe an AHA peel or TCA peel? I don't
  8. If you feel a spot coming up, try to ice it for about 2 minutes. I would then use benzoyl peroxide on it. If you start getting acne again, I would suggest the acne.org regimen.
  9. I would either go to a dermatologist to get a moderate or so dose of Accutane or go here and start Dan's regimen. Both should work for you. Accutane will most likely give you a cure, but DKR has no real side effects.