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    I heart to read, and I love animals. I studied fine metal smithing in college, but I don't know if that is what I will do for a living, since the attaining of the metals I used was so bad for the environment. but I have pictures of a bunch of the crap i made in my album. I love to explore abandoned buildings too. I don't do much now, but I am moving to California soon, and I hope that will change.
  1. slvrwlf

    bad hair line zits

    i use natures gate right now, but since it doesn't seem to be doing me any good, i will change. thanks for the help
  2. slvrwlf

    bad hair line zits

    I don't use gel, i only wash my hair once every couple of days cause its long, and i don't want to dry it out. I also don't sweat a lot either. my acne has gotten really bad in the left and right corners of my forehead though.
  3. slvrwlf

    bad hair line zits

    I get a lot of really big, dark red, ugly pimples along my hair line. they sometimes go a little beyond too, so that they are really noticable. I don't know what to do. it must be my shampoo or something, so i should change, but i want to use cruelty free products as much as possible. does anyone have any ideas?
  4. slvrwlf

    random stuff

  5. slvrwlf

    how long does medicine take to leave the system?

    damn, how naive i was. I was all like, "yay! I guess it was just regular old teen acne, now I grew out of it" but no, its here until i'm dead I guess
  6. slvrwlf

    how long does medicine take to leave the system?

    so you think this is then, the way my skin would be if i never took a medicine, or is it majorly worse? if its worse, will it even out? or will it stay like this or get worse? probably only time will tell. *sigh*
  7. I think i can see through your eyes on this one. Everyone says I look pretty, or my zits arent' bad and all the usual crap. I dont like to feel like I'm fishing for compliments when i tell someone about my face, mostly i just need to vent. I believe I have body dysmorphia too, and I had it a while ago, but I think it went away. I was clear-skinned (still greasy, but at least it looked like clean grease), and starting to think that maybe I wasn't as hideous as I had always thought. People would s
  8. I haven't had many bad comments about my acne, but when I was 12, I got my first pimple, and it was a giant on my nose. So i popped it, and someone in class was like, "is that a pimple?" I tried to convince them it was a cut, but there was no way they could be fooled. Also, I had a pimple on my forehead and the kid next door was talking about mosquito bites and pointed to it and said, "like this!" I just said, "oh, uh, Yeah! like that!"
  9. slvrwlf

    Anyone Can't Drive?

    I was 19 when I got my license. i never minded driving with the driver ed teacher too much, but with my mom, I would get so terribly nervous i would feel sick, and i didn't like the way she corrected me. i am 23 now, and i have a license, but I rarely drive. I don't have a car, and I hardly ever need to drive. I have a bike, and thats mostly all i need. BUT, it is a major convenience to have a license. my friend is 21, soon to be 22, and she also doesn't have a license. it doesn't affect her now
  10. slvrwlf

    Why so oily??????????????

    I may have missed it somewhere, but all i keep seeing is information on when the face produces so much oil. but I want to know why the body finds it necesary to make us so greasy. does it help in any way? I can't imagine it can, since as a greasy person, i feel i am far less attractive than someone who isn't so oily. so it can't be for reproduction. any ideas?
  11. I had acne when i was in high school and early college, so i took minocyclin and had some topical crap too, although i can't remember what they were called. a couple months ago, i took my last minocyclin and never got any more cause i can't afford to go to the doctor, and i don't like the harsh side effects that come with taking a lot of medicines like that. i also stopped the topical stuff maybe a couple weeks later. my skin stayed clear (though oily, but its always repulsivlely greasy). then