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  1. There is always thousand(s) of dollar laser surgery. I'd do it. Why use bleach and hide it? That's odd..lol
  2. Hello all, Has anyone here experienced good results with erasing dark spots from scarring with glycolic acid? Mine seem to take a long time to go away, if ever..some haven't disappeared. I'm thinking of using glycolic because I know It's faster since It supposedly pentrates further into the skin than lactic. My scars are not severe, although I have a few that are very noticable from cystic acne. They are flat scars as far as I can tell.
  3. I'm seriously thinking about buying this sunscreen, supposed to go on clear, is non-pore clogging and isn't loaded with bad chemicals: http://www.menscience.com/mens-sunscreen-UVA-UVB-titanium-dioxide-sunblock.html
  4. I've noticed this too when I first started using BP. I avoid them now of course.
  5. Thanks for the replies all. I might try the Image Skincare Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30
  6. Hello peaceexlove, I have stopped using Dans new moisturizer because I believe It made me break out. After I ordered http://albabotanica....isturizers.html It stopped. This stuff isn't cheap but I have very sensitive skin and I don't flake, just make sure It dries first, It takes a bit longer than Dans and you don't need a lot.
  7. Hello all, I'm wondering If anyone here can recommend me a sun screen that is gentle on sensitive skin (doesn't burn) and doesn't turn skin white?
  8. You should always use a moisturizer. It can help a lot with PH skin balancing. I would recommend Alba, It's awesome! Other than that, there are oil blots you can buy, although I'm not sure how well anything else works.
  9. Hello, I bought two BPs today thinking I was reviewing my address in the green box when really that was the purchase page. Will Dan issue me a refund? Has anyone else experienced this? I need the extra 21 dollars to pay phone!!!
  10. You mention that this oozing liquid happens whenever you apply something to your face? I'm assuming you mean lotion, etc..If the liquid is white, it's called a white head, it's basically puss, I think, very normal for acne. You are allowed to pop them, just be gentle to not causing any scarring by squeezing to hard, especially with finger nails. If you pop a white head, the acne will heal faster in most cases.
  11. UsNcK

    I miss the old moisturizer..

  12. Correct. The new moisturizer irritates my skin, so I'm wondering If that new ingredient, the yellow stuff is really non-pore clogging. Not sure why Dan changed the ingredients but It was perfect before. I have recently been using: Alba Moisturizer Aloe and Green Tea The Alba moisturizer is very nice, almost like Dans old formula in terms of watery consistency, although it is mildly sticky when you apply it, not when it dries which is good and the best part, no more flakes like Dans new moistu
  13. Are you guys sure you're not mistaking the tan look with the new lotion? It has a yellowish tint that can make that appear, I didn't notice as I don't look that close at myself when putting on the regimen but I think that could be a very reasonable explanation. Spread it on some white paper and check
  14. It has been awhile. I have noticed since I quit using the new acne.org moisturizer that the cystic acne stopped. I have been using the SPF neutrogena lotion though It burns every time I put it on, about once every 2 days and It seems as If something In the neutrogena lotion makes my skin not heal well, considering I've had this same red spot for a month and so days, they usually fade within 2 weeks If I get a bad one. I have decided to try a new lotion, It's $11 for 3 ounce but It's non condem
  15. Hello squares, Cool to hear you're on the regimen. If you're having stinging, decrease the amount, just use enough to cover your trouble areas. Not touching your skin much and using good lotion is key. What lotion are you currently using? http://www.acne.org/blog/2009/03/12/yep-th...izer-can-sting/