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  1. About 3 weeks ago I got a big spot that I (stupidly) picked and messed up big time, it scabbed horribly but within the week it eventually came off and left a mark. Since then this mark hasn't faded at all, and I've got a spot in exactly the same place that left a mark right next to it - making it just look twice as big. To make matters worse, around 2 days after, I suddenly had a breakout, God knows why and in the morning I stressed out and ended up picking all of them. The redness for the next
  2. Last week I developed a horrible spot under my eye (obviously has to be where everyone would notice), I could tell it was quite deep and it was throbbing so I left it for a few days. Eventually I saw it had a head and so gave it a squeeze, god do I regret that now! It formed a bubble-like piece of skin on top by the next day and was a horrible yellow in colour. I had a shower earlier that made some of the top layer of skin fall off and it became all open. I have a feeling it will happen again if
  3. Try erythromycin tablets. I really don't think it's that bad, certainly not from these pictures, I wouldn't jump straight for accutane yet, it can have horrible side effects. See a dermatologist, mine helped me tremendously!
  4. If you can see a derm do so, they can inject it with cortizone i think, gone in no time!
  5. Have you tried seeing a dermatologist, i know for myself, seeing my derm rather than a doctor helped me a million times more. i dont know if your in the u.s. or u.k. -if your in the u.k. you may aswell its free on the nhs, i dont know what the system is for the u.s. but i seriously reccomend it. i found retin-a just made my skin feel dry flakey red and painful. erythromycin is an antibiotic im taking and seems to be working, along with duac as a topical treatment.
  6. i know how you feel, im in my fourth year of bad acne, and just when i feel more confident it breaks out again. i practically isolate myself socially. i saw a dermatologist because it was so bad, and since it has improved slightly, but i still get breakouts. have you tried seeing a derm? - i really recommend it
  7. ive got some ibuprofen gel, im putting that on it every few hours at the moment, overnight it swelled even more! its starting to calm down a bit now, im just stressing tonnes over it. my mum said it might be an air pocket? anybnody know anything about them? thanks
  8. firstly, im 16 with moderate acne, i tend to have small slightly red spots, but overnight ive developed a giant cyst about an inch under my eye. when i look into the mirror its the first thing i notice!!! and with new years eve tomorow, and everybody comming round to wish us, its going to be hell! i tried sqeezing it earlier, but it is far too deep and painful - anyway as a result of this, about a minute later, it swelled to twice the size and got even more red! =[ i put ice on it to reduce the
  9. late reply, but yes i have, it tends to be slow but effective, although the one for dry skin makes my face shine alot, so its good to only use at night.
  10. wow - i wasnt expecting such a reply. i know a week is quite a while, but your not sure till the weeks all gone past, so its quite daunting. but thanks, all of you. ill try your recommendations, and try my best to restrain from touching them anymore... once again thanks...
  11. ive never had headaches from any oral antibiotics myself... we all react in different ways though dont we? i get a headache looking in the mirror, when these spots are still here, thats for sure ! i think you should ask your gp or derm? 5 days of headache sounds horrible...
  12. yeah... ive got the same problem =[
  13. Just as my skin was begining to clear up (with my new regimen - benozyl peroxide wash, duac gel and erythromycin tablets), last night i decided to go and stupidly poke and pick at about 7 spots on my face. They werent too bad before i went to sleep, but waking up this morning, every single one of those spots is huge, red, and some have even scabbed. Two on my nose in particular are the worst, and are even hurting when i touch them. Its so depressing!!! anyway, ive got 7 days till im back at sc