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  1. I can understand how loneliness can make life seem unbearable, even worse than death. But, even loneliness cannot take away the simple pleasures of life such as reading a good book, looking at the scenery and eating a good meal, whether at home or outside.
  2. Same situation but Im older than you. I feel like Im going to become bald which is gonna totally suck.
  3. What sort of scarring do you have? Dermal grafting is different from collagen injection. Dermal grafting is usually meant for large and deep surgical scars.
  4. borderline deformation really.. and it's not like ive always been this way.. they're just distant memories now.. but from what i recall i used to be a really outgoing kid who always had something to do.. somewhere to go.. but somewhere along the line.. in these past 7 years.. i lost something.. a piece of myself that i cant bring back.. and as for groups and such.. there are obviously times where i have to go out of my comfort zone.. but i tend to avoid eye contact at all costs.. and i
  5. Why cant u speak to any other person? I remember you saying you have rather severe scarring. I myself am also scarred to a certain degree, but I still try to interact with other people. Most people, especially in uni, arent as judgmental as you fear them to be. Also, arent there projects for your modules which will require you to work in a group with other ppl? With projects, there is no way for you to avoid speaking and interacting with other people.
  6. I am really quite curious about this phenomenon. Certain surfaces just seem to show up the scars better, especially those tinted reflective surfaces. I dunno about you guys but I normally check out my face on tinted car windows and it will show up pretty well. On other stuff tho, like my handphone, it doesnt really show up regardless of how i tilt the angle to catch the 'perfect' lighting. So does anyone have the answer as to why this occurs?
  7. Erm this is an acne forum. You aren't gonna hear people coming in here blasting acne sufferers lol. However, I think it is a gd thing for the OP even though I dun understand why he sees the need to post it.
  8. Scarring destroyed my life too zzzz. Although I have no problem talking to people or anything, I simply could not accept my scarring. I feel that acne scars had severely limited myself and that I could have been a much better person, both personality wise and achievement wise, if I have not been cursed with this affliction.
  9. Vanzzzz


    It is the lighting.... Chance are, if you can see it sometime, its all there.
  10. Man this sux. You cant blame her for not liking your appearance, but I think the one who is really in the wrong is your brother.
  11. Its the lighting and the angle. Trust me, I have vast experience in scrutinizing scars. IF there are any scars from any perspective, then you have scats, period. But yea accutane seemed to have made me more prone to scarring.
  12. PM me for my msn if you wan someone to talk to. There used to be a chat function here where there is almost always someone around, was taken down tho. I doubt most ppl will post their personal details here tho.
  13. i actually remember seeing your post in the scars section. your scars are moderate as far as im concerned. you took the picture in some terrible lighting and even then its not THAT bad. by that i mean that its at least treatable with the right procedures. my scars look 10x worse in good lighting. in bad lighting.. .. my scars arent treatable.. thats what brings me down. but the post above me is right. you shouldnt dwell on the things you cant change. and for what its worth ive learned t
  14. im in the same boat but in my opinion, the people with truly severe scarring dont usually post their pics. i know i havent.. and i dont plan to.. i sense a lonely life ahead.. I posted my pics.... I've seen a couple of pretty severe scarring pics around too. Its more of preference than severity I think. Im certain regardless of the actual severity, our scars are all severe to us.
  15. I think you are quite mistaken. It does not represent suicidal tendencies or depression, at least not for me. It merely feels like I have seen what life has to offer for me and found it wanting. Thus life itself has lost some of its appeal to me that is all.