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  1. Hey, I'm going in Friday of next week. Just missed you. =P
  2. Thought I'd just chime in and say that unfortunately I think missing a few applications really DID impact my skin. I've had an unusual number of clogged pores and small whiteheads over the past 2 weeks since that trip and I have a nasty cyst on my chin at the moment. Guess this is a good sign that slacking = bad, but I still say it was a worthwhile experiment. I expect that within another couple weeks of being back on a steady regimen it'll be under control again. I've also added 2.5% acne med
  3. So, where are you gonna sleep then??? :think: In the car. If I sleep at all. IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! And by that I mean completely insane. o.o
  4. Well, I've been mostly clear lately, so hopefully it won't have a huge impact. It's only a couple of days. I'm kind of curious how it'll turn out. I guess it'll be good to know how dependent I am on the stuff.
  5. Hey, quick question: Does missing a couple of applications have a major impact on anything? I'm going to an anime convention in San Jose with some friends this weekend and I'm probably only going to have a chance to apply my regimen once each day (my friend and I aren't getting a hotel room, we're just mooching showers off of people >.>).
  6. Well, the treatment went well and I'm still clearing nicely, but just now I noticed I'm getting what seems to be an inflamed (or soon to be inflamed) spot on my right temple. Any idea how best to spot treat? Just....ice and my normal routine? They gave me 2.5% BP as well, but more of an "as needed" treatment instead of a daily part of my regimen. I wonder, do the treatments ever cause any sort of purging? This is the first inflamed bump I've had in probably a good month or so now.
  7. Yeah, they do heal better when there's less gunk in them. :D I wish I could go every time a difficult zit pops up (pun intended). Wow, you've never gotten a facial at FR and yet you still got good results? :D That's awesome. Well, to be fair I was 3 months off Accutane when I found them. But my acne had definitely been coming back at that point and this regimen seems to be keeping it in check. Hopefully for good.
  8. Just wanted to say I've been on my regimen with Face Reality for about 5 weeks now and I'm extremely happy with the results. I still get some occasional clogged pores and small whiteheads here and there, but I'm free of inflamed spots and things seem to be going very well. I'm going to the clinic for a treatment on Wednesday. It'll be my first time there since starting and I'm not sure I absolutely need it, but I do want them to take a look at my progress and just check in on how things are goin
  9. I thought it was. It certainly seems I'm more likely to get them when I eat a lot of crap food. Maybe canker sores and pimples are caused by the same/similar bacteria?
  10. You change that through body recomposition. It involves alternating cardiovascular training and weight lifting training days while eating slightly above maintenance and getting enough proteins. Slowly but your mass will increase and it in turn will burn your body fat. 15 calories per pound of body weight is a good start. Sunday is free. Do you really need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight in order to put on muscle? Because I'm not even sure how that's possible without supplementing.
  11. You change that through body recomposition. It involves alternating cardiovascular training and weight lifting training days while eating slightly above maintenance and getting enough proteins. Slowly but your mass will increase and it in turn will burn your body fat. 15 calories per pound of body weight is a good start. Sunday is free.
  12. When you're skinny you don't carry much fat on the limbs which instead together with the neck are very skinny. The skinny carries fat on the abdomen and when even fat in the abdomen isn't very visible it carries fat intraorgans and inside the muscles (the worst kinds of body fat) Usually skinny-fat people with a unhealthy body composition and very bony limbs but no visible abdominal muscles and overall a shapeless body have a body BF% around 18% to 14%. But for their misfortune there's differen
  13. Have you had your body fat percentage professionaly measured? It's absolutely rare close to impossible to find skinny people who don't have excess fat in their body. Never seen a skinny guy with a body fat under 10%.
  14. Yeah, I'm another ectomorph in the same boat. Always been really skinny. Right now I'm averaging around 3000 calories a day. I've been doing this for about a month now without any noticeable changes. I think I could probably stand to add a few hundred more calories, but I'm not sure where it should come from. I think I'm going to start drinking a moderate amount of like 1% milk and just see if it has any impact on my skin. I actually wouldn't mind adding some fat AND muscle. I don't have a whole
  15. Glad to hear things are working out so far. Things should gradually improve over time - it just takes a bit of time for the products to really start making a difference in the frequency of breakouts. I'd be careful with the protein powder - make sure it doesn't contain iodine (or kelp, which is extremely high in iodine). Iodine may flare your acne, so be watch out for that. Yeah, no iodine. Here are the ingredients in the gainer I bought: Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Fr
  16. Well, I've been on my regimen with Face Reality for 2 weeks now. Overall I think it is gradually causing a reduction in breakouts, and it's definitely improving the texture of my skin. My case is sort of unusual in that I was mostly clear from the beginning due to Accutane, so I'm not really sure if it's the Face Reality products or the lingering effects of Accutane that's helping me, but I guess time will tell. Today I upped to using the glycolic every day instead of every 2 days. I had kind of
  17. I disagree. I believe that Diet is the primary factor in combating acne. Topical does not even comeclose to the kind of effect diet has on us. And also people who end up adopting modified diets for controlling acne are served much better in the long term. IMO they are healthier and stronger as compared to those who continue to follow SAD. The vague notion of 'healthy diet' that most people seem to have is rather misleading. IMO the lesser the processing, the greater the nutrition content
  18. There's a decent amount of sugar in some form or another in almost everything, so it's kind of a losing battle. I just try to stay away from refined sugars. I personally believe there are some definite triggers that people with acne should be avoiding or at least cutting back on, but obsessing too much over diet probably is just going to do more harm than good for most people. It's one thing when it's a specific food that can be swapped out for something else (i.e. peanut butter for almond butte
  19. I'd like to see more extensive testing on the possible side-effects of long-term low-dose Accutane (not to mention whether 10mg a day would actually work to keep people clear), but I'm guessing it's still safer than long-term antibiotics. Then again, I'm biased because 3 months of tetracycline and 3 months of minocycline did absolutely nothing for my skin. Like, literally, no difference whatsoever.
  20. Yeah, the downside is that by the time this is actually on the market most of us will have naturally outgrown acne. Unless I'm misreading the article, it's still probably years away.
  21. What is your daytime and nightime regimen like? There might be a reason they have you using the cranberry cream at a certain time of day (and yes, its is a moisturizer). You will probably get some peeling at first, regardless of when you use the cream though. The peeling is actually something that you want to happen - it means the skin is exfoliating, which helps keep pores clear. Current regimen is: AM: Silica scrub Ice (if needed) Salicylic toner Glycolic 10% (every other da
  22. Random question: How do you deal with the flakiness? They said to apply the cranberry cream (which I think is a moisturizer?) just at night, but I'm wondering if it would be better to use in the daytime due to peeling and such.
  23. Glad to hear that you had a good experience there. And great to hear that you'll only have to do a prevention routine - that'll save you some money and some driving! Yeah - they are very honest and upfront at Face Reality. They will only treat you to the extent they think is necessary. I know they have had to send people away sometimes - some people who come in with "phantom" acne and some people who they have treated that have cleared and Laura thinks they don't need any further in office
  24. Hey Willow! Well, I went to the clinic for the first time on Wednesday. Was surprised to find that they think my skin is clear enough that I don't even need regular treatments and should do fine with just basic prevention products. Apparently my skin is NOT very sensitive either, which is awesome news. They gave me: Silica scrub, salicylic toner, cranberry cream, glycolic acid 10% serum, and micro tz sunscreen spf 17. They said as the effects of Accutane continue to wear off (I finished my cour
  25. I've heard good things about almond milk. Would that be a healthier alternative? I only drink like 1 glass of soy milk a day, but if there's a hint that it might not be doing my skin any favors, maybe it'd be best to switch to something else.