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  1. I used Cetaphil cleanser for the first time this morning. Because it doesn't foam, I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised at how gentle it was and how well it cleaned my face. I bought a 16 oz. bottle and I will definitely use up the whole things. I like trying different cleansers. Next on my list is Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin, Cetaphil bar, Cetaphil antibacerial bar and Purpose bar. I stocked up at the drugstore today. I'm set for a long time!
  2. sorry, my last email should have read that the authors go on and on about the need for a symbiotic system of SULFUR, BP and hydroxy acids. Have you ever used sulfur products? They do not work!
  3. The book is called Clear Skin by Dan Kern. The reason I keep comparing the two books is because Dan's book is clearly written, contains concise, easy to follow information, and although all the information is already on the website, it's cool to have it in a neat little book. The other book, on the other hand, is a hodge-podge of what I love to call dermatology filler. The authors are repetitive about their system, go on and on about the need for a symbiotic system of sulur-BP-hydroxy aci
  4. Hi Dan, My review posted earlier than I thought! Go onto amazon.com and check out my review of Rodan and Fields "Unblemished"...I'm sending everyone over to your book on amazon. I was honest in my review that the premise Rodan and Fields promote, that you need a "complete" program of hydroxy acids, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide together, to clear acne, is just not accurate. If my review doesn't send disappointed Proactive users over to your book, nothing will! We've got to spread the
  5. Dan, my order did go through. Thank you for your quick response. I also opened an express account. I wish you the best of success, and thank you for giving us a good quality BP gel. I know I will love it!
  6. I just placed my order, but after final checkout, something came up saying "page cannot be displayed." I hope my order went through! My name is Sheryl Du Somme, and I used my Visa card. Dan, did it go through?
  7. Dan, I posted a review of "Unblemished" on amazon.com. It should show up in a few days. Go to the book "Unblemished" on amazon.com and within a week you should see my review. It takes that long to get posted, sometimes. I only gave the book 2 stars, whereas I gave your book Clear Skin 5 stars. By the way, my review on Clear Skin is already posted there! I'm the one from Torrance, CA! But in my 2 star review of the book Unblemished, I honestly review their book vs. your book. I di
  8. I use Dove sensitive skin formula cleansing bar. It is fragrance free, non-irritating, and I like it very much. I've used it for a few years now.
  9. I never found Proactiv BP to be more effective than Neutrogena. I did find that Proactiv BP has an obnoxious odor that I don't miss; however, because it was a smooth lotion and the BP is more finely milled than Neutrogena, it applied more easily. However, Proactiv BP is overpriced and stinky. The developers of Proactiv call it an elegant scent. I call it stinky. Enough things are stinky in this world; I prefer an odorless acne medicine! For a while I used Brevoxyl 4 BP gel until my
  10. Dan, I, too am waiting for the tubes! I have lurked on this website for a long time...finally registered a few months ago, never logged on...forgot my username, etc. so here I am newly registered, using my dog's name Spirit and my husband's email address, to simplify re-registering. Oh well, at least I'm here! Dan, check out your book reviews at amazon.com. Mine should be posted by next week - I'm the one from Torrance, CA, but the review probably won't post for a few days. I compared