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  1. What's a good Oil-controlling cleanser? I've been using Neutrogena's foam oil-free acne wash. I'm just wondering if there are better options available.
  2. I've been contemplating on whether or not to get off Proactiv. I've used Proactiv since the summer of 2006, so it's been over 2 years now. Obviously, I'm patient and don't like to hop from product to product. I have pretty mild acne. My acne has never been THAT bad in reality. At one point, in the summer and fall of 07, my acne was USUALLY what I call "my period". I might get one breakout a month, but it was nothing too bad. However, since about February or March of this year proactiv hasn't
  3. Heh, yeah. I used it, too. But I thought the S.A. was too strong for my skin.
  4. ??? I've had proactiv for 2+ years now, and I think it's losing its effectiveness (and has been for awhile, but I've been afraid of switching).
  5. LOL. Thanks for the laugh, and thanks for the attempt you two.
  6. I'm currently using Crew hair gel. Any suggestions?
  7. What'd you get on the ACT (idk if you took it more than once, but if so, what did you get each time)?
  8. Whewwwwwwwww. ACT..finished at like 12:45. Took a nap from 4:30 to 7:30. Exhausting.
  9. Well, this idiot is taking the ACT tomorrow. I'm actually excited.
  10. You know you're from Canada when you brag about maple syrup. Alabama here. You don't know a thing about GRITS. Gum is great for your hair, too. You should try it.
  11. It's weird you're talking about honey and hair. I got maple syrup on my arm today when eating breakfast. I didn't notice until first block when I was rubbing my arm, and the hair on my arm was a bit sticky. I was like... <.< >.> But, I smelled it and realized it was maple syrup. lol
  12. Lol, the headband. Before I cut my hair (two Fridays ago), I used a bandana...a RED bandana. Thuggin on the streets starts with thuggin in your sheets. lmao
  13. I just got my Jojoba oil in the mail today. Can I get ANY advice on applying it? Especially when (before/after cleanser, toner, or repairing lotion?) to apply it.
  14. I finally got my Jojoba oil in the mail today. Can I get ANY advice on when to apply it?