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  1. Suddenly stopped working

    I was a very happy user of this product for 3 years. It cleared my skin completely. However, for whatever reason now it causes me to break out. I thought maybe I was using too much and tried using every other day, but it still caused my skin to dry and gave me deep pimples and my skin wouldn't adjust to it. I read some other reviews that this happened to them once they ordered a new product once theirs ran out (ordered in Sept 2020). This is what I did so I am not sure if I got a bad product or
  2. Hello, your response differs to what is written on your "Additional Support" page. (See link below). Namely, it says all products do not expire except the Benzoyl Peroxide. Would you be able to confirm what information is correct? https://store.acne.org/additional-support/#:~:text=Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%),the crimp of the tube.