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  1. I think saying "the man is out to get us" is a little too far. I do believe that doctors are conservative and ignorant sometimes. Like some still say diet doesn't cause acne... LOLWTF?
  2. hey, don't want to be a conservative nelly, but I doubt its the tane. I mean maybe it is causing minor depression so you now somehow see yourself in a different way but idk. I'd say wait it out and control your habits. They are probably occurred without being initiated by the tane. In the winter, you need more food b.c of the cold... maybe thats it? or maybe your eating when bored? idk but just hold yourself to a sufficient but not excessive diet plan. gluck
  3. A Knee


    Hey everybody! So, I'm going to Mexico over the winter break, and I had questions about el sun. Right now, my skin is pale as a ghost, and this makes the red marks stand out a lot. I'm going to try to get a tan while I'm there. I can definitely carry a natural tan, as when I was a kid, I always had one. Any recommendations on getting a facial tan? Any suggestions for a specific low SPF sunscreen that I could use? I've had these things on my face for long enough! Thanks PS Does anyone k
  4. Take accutane. Your acne isn't nearly as bad as most that take it, but if you've been struggling for 5 years, and it emotionally effects you, accutane is the way to go
  5. Well, I noticed too much fat made me break out (IE too many nuts). And I'm not actually going for the low fat thing, it just kind of happens with my diet :/ Now that I think about it, I probably get 70-80% RDA fat I get about or just under 200g carbs (estimation) And the masturbation thing... lol... when I used to, I would be very tired days after I did it, but then about 3 days after I would be much more energetic. So I decided to stop all together.
  6. Hey guys and gals, So I am in a really sad state right now, and I could use help. So... I fit a common acne-prone skinny body type. I have a BMI of 16 and I am a male. I need help with this. Recently, I've dropped my carb count (also low fat, high protein). I still get about 60-70% of the recommended daily intake of carbs, but I don't know if this is enough for a growing teen. Lately, I've been extremely fatigued, and have huge black circles under my eyes. I've also been taking fiber sup
  7. Smoking will NOT help acne.... Its a disgusting habit that puts toxins into your body. Next time you see a smoker, take note of how their skin looks.
  8. Hey man, Thanks for the good read. I totally agree that over drying the face is terrible for acne, and hot water DEFINATELY does this (the added fluoride probably doesn't help!). Many people, like me (and you) believe that oil=acne, and dry=good. This happened to me, and what started as a couple dots turned into a nightmare. We must remember that this cant be the solution to everyone, but to many it most likely is a factor. A little more evidence that hot water irritates the skin: I was not
  9. Wow man... Great improvement. I must ask you though... did you start the diet at the same time you started washing "all naturally"? Not to rain on your parade, but I don't think your diet has to be so extreme. the natural cleansing with a moderately controlled diet may do the trick just the same. I'm just looking out for you. 90% meat cannot be good for you. Yes, our ancestors ate meat, but they also had all sorts of grains, berries, fruits, etc. 90% meat is going to kill your kidneys (an
  10. Just a quick warning about calcium supplements. Calcium is known to cause constipation. Hard dookie=minimal "poop disposal" () And as some of us know, this is a recipe for breakouts. So... limit your supplement intake, and eat some fiber with it! PS: I found out the hard way
  11. Just wanted to say... you look just like Brook Hogan aka bombshell
  12. Looks moderate What are you doing for it at the moment?
  13. So I was reading this article today on this glass stuff that NASA uses. Its ultra light, yet extremely strong. The secret to this is its composition: It is 99.8% air. So to the good part... the glass takes up liquid in these air pockets. It does it so well that lightly squeezing the glass will leave a dry spot on your skin (stripping your skin of oils). (check out link). What I was thinking was: If someone placed a small piece of this on a pimple, could it potentially be super effective in d
  14. to the napoleon dynamite person... compare this pic to the second in necro's sig.