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  1. hi there, has anyone had their acne disappear when they became pregnant??
  2. I didnt say that it didnt?? Accutane did work for me ..........until i came off it???....... and like the rest of us that come of it guess what happend??? You need to find the root cause of your acne, anything else you use is a band aid, accutane being the worst and most dangerous of all followed a close second by BCP.
  3. Ive had great results with the Holy Grail product for blackheads Avon Anew Retextursing Peel which is the equivilent to a 35% glycolic treatment at the clinic. I also use Differin every other day which works in a similar way. Basically for blackheads use a the baby brush method daily (method in my signature) and a glycolic acid product with no less than 10% glycolic acid. Both products speed up cell renewal, therefore sheds the skin faster than normal so your blackheads will come to the surfa
  4. Wrong!! I notice acne on any and every face if they have it. Therefore ppl are going to notice it on mine
  5. I would definately look into BCP. Recomendations are Yaz and Diane35 but I havent personally tried Yaz but they both work to regulate/block excess androgens. HOWEVER your acne will worsen really badly over the first 3-4mths and you will think its not working and only making things worse. I nearly gave up around 4 mths and was afraid to even go outside without makeup on. Great news though Im coming into my 7th cycle/month on BCP and Im at the point where I only get one pimple just before my
  6. Doxy doesnt even work. You get more side effects from doxy and no relief.. Also you get an initial breakout and a breakout after you stop taking it.. just crap!! Wish I never took it and I warn everyone when they ask a question about it here on the site. Assuming you are female I have found that good old BCP (Diane35) works wonders for acne, would prefer it over accuatane any day. Side effects of accutane are chronic not to mention dangerous??
  7. Well I am NEVER going off it unless I absolutely have to!! just aint worth it, no way!!
  8. Avon Anew Advanced Retexturising Peel - Cant go wrong!! This is the Holy Grail (as a previous poster put it) for comedomal acne!!
  9. Doesnt work topically!! it should go on the list of most ridiculous methods tried running close behind baking soda and toothpaste. However the benefits are endless when it comes to using green tea internally.
  10. I would be really interested to know this also? I want to use this cream so much but im hard pressed to find a GP here in NZ that wont laugh at you and refuse to prescribe it because they dont know enough about it?? grrrrr
  11. Yip I use both but never together. I get irritation from the glycolic acid only and from the moment I apply for about 30seconds or so? People have issues with getting dry skin using these products. My skin is so oily im only wishing for that flaky dry skin that I hear some talking about??
  12. Baby brush method and no less than glycolic acid 10%
  13. If you have hair loss where it should be growing, hair growing where it shouldnt, acne and irregular periods also, id seriously look into PCOS!!
  14. Ummm who gives a @#$% Mr Acne.org police man!! pahahhahahaha get a life!!
  15. Wooo hooo!! Wellington, New Zealand Repz!!
  16. Ive been using Differin 1% for bout a month and Im not seeing any real difference yet, didnt really get an initial breakout either? Acne is usually caused by hormones and any topical applied from BP, SA, GA, Ret A or feakin' aye are just there to help (or hinder in some cases). Your not suddenly going to wake up and never have pimples again. Its a sad reality and truly, acne has to be fixed from the inside by balancing hormones however the hell we s'posed to do that?? largely through diet
  17. Like I said on other doxy topics.. Doxy is a joke!! Never worked for me and you still get the initial breakout and a coming off the crap breakout and skin never improved while on it.. Just a waste of time and money..
  18. Have heard that aspirin is a cheap home remedy for salicylic acid/BHA, does anyone have success with this method? how do we apply this method? thanks
  19. keep a diary and monitor your skin over a couple of months
  20. OMG doxy was a joke for me, it didnt work and I still got the horrible initial breakout from it when I started and stopped