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  1. Worked well for a few months

    I got prescribed this gel last summer for mild-moderate acne. The medication starting working within a few weeks, and my skin was 80% clear within a month of use. I didn't have any major side effects while using this cream aside from some dry skin in the first few weeks. Unfortunately this product stopped working for me after about 4 or 5 months of use. I took a break from using it while on vacation for a week (this gel increases sun sensitivity) and when I started using it again on my return, I
  2. It works, but side effects can get annoying

    I was put on accutane due moderate acne that was not responding to any antibiotic treatments. I ended up being on 60mg accutane for 4 months (im male, 19 years old and 150 lb). The medication starting working very quickly, and within two weeks my face was completely oil free for the first time in years. In terms of my acne I didn't start seeing any major improvements until around the end of month 2. By the end of my fourth month, I had completely cleared up. Be warned though, DO NOT pick at yo