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  1. Day 6 Talked to my doctor this morning. He said that the blood test showed that the enzymes in my liver were above normal so now I have to go take another blood test and on August 6, I have to get an ultrasound of the liver done. Meanwhile, I am not allowed to take any Accutane so this log will be put on hold.
  2. Day 5 Nose peeling = extremely severe right now. Also, new pimples have formed all around the place, and my right cheek is basically as bad as my left cheek was when I started, and my left cheek has gotten way worse. Seems like the only thing Accutane is doing at this point is killing me lol. *EDIT* Fuck this shit, have a major headache right now... Already have a scheduled appointment with my physician for tomorrow morning, cause this is seriously not normal.
  3. Day 4 Face is VERY flaky today at the cheeks and nose. I also do not have a headache today, yay. Other than that, nothing has really changed though in terms of the actual pimples.
  4. Day 3 Face is a bit flaky. Also, I just had another major headache and I had to take an Advil and it's kind of a bit better right now. I think if I keep having these headaches for a few more days I'm going to have to tell my doctor because I read if a "persistent headache" is developed while taking Accutane, the consumer should stop taking it. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Haha, thanks for the heads up, Dan. =p For moisturizer I have: Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture And for my lips, I have: Vaseline, lol I don't need something too fancy do I?
  6. Day 2 Have a couple of whiteheads on my left cheek and forehead. No dryness yet, really. But, just a tip to those who are thinking about taking Accutane, because I want to be as helpful as possible: get your sleep! Don't undersleep, or what is just as bad, oversleep. Get as much as you need, which is generally around 8-10 hours assuming you're a healthy individual yadda yadda yadda. I had a major headache today and I think it can be attributed to the fact that I only got like 6 hours of sleep..
  7. When you go to get a blood test, don't look at the needle and try to think of something happy. =p
  8. Day 1 I don't look different or feel different. Lips aren't chapped yet, and I put moisturizer on my face before I went to sleep so my skin isn't dry either.
  9. Got the blood test done today morning. And I just picked up the Accutane pills. They cost $68.60 (Canadian) total for: 40mg 30 pills Going to eat dinner and then take a pill. Wish me luck. Will start my Accutane log tomorrow morning. =)
  10. Thanks for your response. Lol I know this sounds kind of weird but its comforting for me to hear that you have a similar problem like mine regarding acne. k, I think I'm going to go take the blood test tomorrow morning and take my first Accutane pill after dinner. I will start the log the day after. Thanks again =)
  11. Weight: 128 lbs Height: 5'9" Gender: M Age: 16 Skin Type: Oily, but has been kind of dry lately due to 2 years of BP usage I first got acne at age 14, and it has only got worse since then. The left side of my cheek is covered with acne, which I would describe as being moderate-severe. And there is light acne on my forehead and my right cheek along with my neck. There is like no acne on my chin, but there used to be so it's kind of red at some parts. Also, I have moderate acne on my upper chest,