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  1. Hello Jmsil. Hows things.

  2. so, is there anyone who've ACTUALLY recovered from the long term damage? i'd really like to know . it's been too long since i've started suffering. doesn't seem real. i didn't intend my life to be this way. quite sad really. i'm smarter now though. smart in a sense not to take any drugs from any doctor ever again unless its some kind of crisis situation. or even over the counter drugs. really should've said no to drugs as we've always been taught. legal drugs or not.
  3. i'm planning on buying another 5 of the books by kevin trudeau then heading to my doctors office again and leave them there for patients to take. and plus with the diagram posting on the office door to just warn people to be careful about prescription drugs. anyone know what kind of consequences i could get in to if i'm caught? like what if there is a law about unauthorized posting in the building? could i be fined? i just want to be safe lol.
  4. what do you guys think of this. is it legitimate? "A centuries‑old traditional Chinese medicine may reduce the intestinal side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients by stimulating gut cell division and reducing inflammation, a new study in mice suggests." "Peonies and a pretty purple flower called skullcap, together with licorice and fruit from a buckthorn tree form Huang Qin Tang (pronounced Hu-ang Chin Tong), an ancient herbal medicine used in China to treat intestinal disorders such
  5. has anyone tried supplements fatty acids and l-tryptophan? i heard l-tryptophan is suppose to help restore serotonin levels. "l-tryptophan will only manufacture as much serotonin as their body needs and can handle" "Tryptophan is an amino acid. The body converts it to 5htp which converts to seratonin and then to melatonin if there is no daylight around." "L-tryptophan is an amino acid that is made from plant or animal sources. L-tryptophan has been used in alternative medic
  6. Well you questioned his career so i just wanted to clear that for you. if you are smart you should know that wikipedia isn't always reliable. maybe accurate most of the time but it can misguide you like how it starts off with his criminal record. and a huge part of the site as well. what person has a faultless, perfect, pristine life? people make mistakes and can turn their life around. are people not allowed to part from their bad ways and change their life around for the better? mistakes are o
  7. He's the one man that gives many people hope recovering from all those unneccessary prescription drugs being pushed onto us. be careful when you say you can tell something is legit or not. Any enemy of Mr Trudeau is an enemy of mine. so back off, please. thank you. oh ya, if you want to question him because he's not a doctor then read here. [Edited link out] i'll quote it. and weren't you against those conventional medicine doctors anyways? "Q. How are you qualified to write this
  8. remember that 66 page report on accutane by Nathan C Carr? he (Nathan) actually called in to the Kevin Trudeau talk show to discuss about it and KT made people aware of it live on his show. go to this link here at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1734671 and listen to his 06-30-09 show. he talks about accutane around 46:30 and 51 mins. the information was passed on to him by Nathan C Carr.
  9. well i'll tell you one thing. if i had this book in the first place i can guarantee that i (and likely many others) wouldn't have gotten into this mess what with the accutane side effects. say what you want i don't care. did you even read the positive reviews? or did you only read the negative reviews? i didn't expect your attitude to be so... harsh on this. it may be hard to at first but don't judge him right away before reading the book. and in the book he answers the question "but you'
  10. to me, it's worth a million bucks. the bad ratings are either a conspiracy to make him look bad, or because these people are brainless buffoons who don't read the entire book and just sham him just because he doesn't list natural cures. well he does but it's in general. besides, he actually states himself In chapter 13 page 341 of the book, "Stop! If you just bought this book and flipped to this chapter trying to find the 'magic pill' to cure your specific disease, go back to the beginning of
  11. i know you posted this quite a while ago but i wanted to reply to this anyways to show my empathy. my mom is not much different from your mom. i tried many times to explain to my mom how accutane causes changes in Fat Distribution / Weight Gain especially with the stomach bloating. no matter how many times i had tried to tell her, she just says to stop eating so much and stop blaming the drug for my problem. only thing is, i don't stuff myself with all the junk food. i eat just like a regular pe
  12. hi, Modestm. sorry took a while for me to get a chance to say hi back. i'm not doing a whole lot better to be honest [Edited image out]. i still feel pretty much the same as i did the last time i talked to you. i wish this nightmare would just end for us. i'm so tired going through this everyday. and i know it's been said before but it's not fair. we get to suffer all because of an acne problem we had and we trusted the ones who were supposed to look after our health...our doctors. we look up to
  13. you were asking for ideas on how to take this further. what about mentioning in your video the petition that oli girl told us about? http://www.change.or...about-accutane. would that work? or maybe you could reference this thread in the description box of your accutane videos so more people would read about it. or you could create another video on accutane but this time with a title that will create some shock value -> "Accutane is Chemotherapy!!!" . though with the downside you may expec
  14. thanks JosephBuchignani but jmsil already mentioned it haha. and i had a hold of this report long ago anyways (still on my comp along a ton of sites i've bookmarked). oh ya it's Nathan C. Carr not Alan Carr so you know. thanks though.