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  1. I would like to start waxing my eyebrows, but every time I do I breakout horrible in my forehead and in between my eyes. Is there a facial waxer out there that doesnt irritate skin or clog pores.
  2. Tiny, itchy? Could be mild exzema (forgot how to spell it, sorry) that your confusing for acne. I use to have excema on my arm that looked like mild acne, and it escalalated to severe excema. It was horrible, scaly, crust, itchy, disgusting. You should go to a doctor and check it out. I had had it from 2nd grade, and I didnt get it diagnosed till 5th grade, because my Mom didnt have the time or money for the doctor.
  3. My skins so oily that when I press my face against a surface the surface gets moist with OIL. Its disgusting. So I think washing your face 4-5 times a day wouldnt be a bad idea.
  4. The fish oil and centrum are a good choice, but you might want to start taking Zinc and copper to. Cetaphil is a very good cleanser, and since you have oily skin, any moisurizer will do, only wear it though if you think you skin is dry Veggies and meats. But I don't reccomend going on a veggie and meat diet only, that works for very few people and it's ironical. Dont drink or eat caffeine, caffeine makes you break out. I went off my no-caffeine diet for a few days and now im breaking out be
  5. My arms were depressing to look at. They were hairy as hell. It was unbelievable, I had man arms, and I was only in the 4th grade! Just looking at them made me want to cry, so one day I took the plunge and shaved them. I've been more confident aboutmy self ever since, because the hair grows back in scarce amounts and very small and short- the way the hair on a girls arm SHOULD BE! My mom has hairy arms because she stoped shaving them and now they look like man arms. She bleaches them now, but in
  6. You might try a chemical exfoliant like glycolic, mandelic or salicylic acid. Those can help unclog stubborn clogged pores. If the core of the pimple stays under the surface of the skin, the pimple may just come back over and over again. If you are getting recurring spots, that is probably what is happening. Professional facials with extractions can also help get rid of these more stubborn spots. I've already tried a glycolic acid based exfoliant (aqua glycolic) but unfortuantely that
  7. I got severly dry skin one time in my eye area because I overloaded on the cetaphil cleanser. I just stopeed using anythingon my face at all for about a week and a half and just put on moisturizer all day 4 times a day. All day everyday, the only thing i would use, moisturizer 4 times a day and eventually my skin got supple again. I still have a brown mark next to my eye though, i hope its not permanent . But you, instead, should use johnsohns baby oil, instead of a moisturizer if your skin is t
  8. i havent used either, but probably zeno. I'd be very spectical about buying dermastyle because i cant see how light can kill bacteria or reduce inflammation on anything, kinda weird to me.
  9. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...andFilter=50424 click there, scroll down a bit, youll see the ingredients. doubt it will be harmful.
  10. At night, try spot treating all your zits and leave the bp there until it's all dry (about an hour and a half) and then take it off. This works really well for me, I use it everyday and its helped me alot.
  11. proactiv freaking sucks. They don't work for anything. I don't know how they've managed to make it through for so long.